Today is the anniversary of those despicable acts on September 11, 2001.  Here where I live, it was a beautiful, crisp, brilliantly sunny day with Crayola blue skies.  A day to make anyone  glad to be alive.  The air itself was glorious.  The temperature was cool, sunlight glittered everywhere and the freshness of the day was just incomparable. 

I smoked then, and so I was leaning out the deck door with my cigarette watching GMA on the TV, which was about 3 feet from where I was standing. 

I heard Diana Sawyer say that they had a ‘special report’, that there had been what seemed a terrible accident; that a jet had crashed into one of the Twin Towers.  They showed it on screen as it was situated just beyond the studio where they were broadcasting. As she spoke, I was watching the approach of another jet which we viewers could see very plainly as the Towers were not that far away from ABC’s HQ.  I was astounded that one would be that low and I thought the pilot must be looking at the damage for some reason..not thinking about the fact that they could not nor would not depart from their approach or path they were authorized to use. 

And to my horror, it crashed into the other tower.  I  still thought it was an accident.  I learned as we all did that it was not. I will always remember that scene for the rest of my days. 

I had to go to the big city that morning and on my way I heard on the radio that the towers were collapsing and about the people still in them.  I learned of the Pentagon and how a plane crashed into it.  I learned too about that jet crashing in Pennsylvania.  As did everyone else hearing this dreaded news, I knew my life was changed forever.  All of we Americans were to be forever affected by these heinous acts. 

When I made it home again there was not a car to be seen.  Periodically one of the large employers sent all their employees home except the most essential ones.  That was the only occasional traffic.  It was eerie to see empty 4 lane streets.  I deliberately drove from one end of town to the other just looking at the strange deserted scenes.  I came back home and there we sat in front of the television day and night except for some sleep for says.  I could not leave the television.  I had to return to work on the midnight shifts 2 days following this attack and being away from the TV was difficult.  I read that there were many like me..unable to stop watching because of the horrendous news and we were all desperate to learn all we could.

That was a day where I, along with all other Americans, will have engraved  in a manner of speaking, in my mind.  It is a template now to whatever else follows.

I will never forget that day nor will I forget what I learned.  It is always with me.  We are all "restructured" because of that merciless act.

Just wanted to say…