The oldest is here.  His supper was a taco casserole.  Me…a BLT only using bacon bits.  Diet bread and low fat mayo.  Lettuce of course.  Then a big bunch of grapes. Doing the laundry now.

The highlight of the day was trying to get gas.  The supply for the South literally ran out. (Ours comes out of whichever refinery..they said and I don’t recall as I was on the phone) They said on the news (local) that it had run out and to watch for price increase besides it running out. THEN they said "We hope this doesn’t cause a run on gas." Dummy’s.  Of course it did.  Gas is at least $4.50 a gallon.  I found some this afternoon but was limited to5 gallons.  They are price gouging badly.  The fair way would have been to go ahead and sell the gasoline at the same price till it was gone or limit how much you could buy till it ran out.  Not raise prices by a dollar.  Self serving greedy people.  I don’t care what they say to supposedly defend themselves.  There is no defense.  Quite a few gas stations are out of gas and therefore closed.  It’s going to be interesting.

Looks as though hurricane Ike is a whopper in creating waves,  No doubt you saw the 3 story waves on the National news.  Whoa.  I hope everyone evacuated because there will be no rescue operations till it’s over.  Too unsafe.  My heart and prayers go out to my blog family in those areas.  I will be thinking of them constantly until we hear again from them. 

Looks as though there will be not much roaming around or even easily going for groceries and other necessities as there might not be any gas to buy at any price.  Sobering isn’t it?

I’m going back into the living room and sit with the son that’s here.  He’s reading the paper but still…and you careful wherever you are and stay safe.