The VOLS played UAB and won.That’s the good part.  Seems it will take a while to shake coaches and new players.  Quite a turnover there in staff.  And the QB is inexperienced.  But, we won.I don’t think we’ll have any blow outs this season and I sure don’t think we’ll win more than 7 if we’re lucky.  Maybe next year.

Meanwhile, I am trying unsucessfully to follow instructions and get my email setup from one of my domains connected and going to and from my main email account.  The instructs are clear as glass.  Just it isn’t working for some reason but that’s OK.  I’m paid for a year so sometime within that year surely it will be sorted out.  I hope.

Gasoline was five dollars a gallon for the most part.  Greedy men and anything for another dollar.  I keep thinking about the working poor that I have blogged about on several occasions.  These people are hurting those folks who are trying so hard to be responsible, care for themselves and their family.  Then greed steps in and reaches its shriveled and ugly hand into their pockets..pockets that have too little to begin with.

I was watching a television special not that long ago.  Some of you may have also seen it.  It was about a married couple, two children and they both worked hard every day and between them they made $14,500  a year.  The struggle they were constantly in to keep so-called body and soul together was horrendous.  But some others, corporations or otherwise reach that serpent hand into their meager pockets and take hard earned money that is needed for food and even OTC meds like aspirin. 

Thank you for reading and even more, thank you for commenting on my ‘rogering out’ list.  I appreciated anyone taking the time to look at what I wish was, or what has been, and what may come in my life.  It meant a lot that you took the time to say something and some of you in messages uplifted my spirit…Liz, you know who you are.  Silly Me and Beth, you too.

Oh..and to the was bacon pieces by Hormel.  I love those things.  Almost as good as a slice of bacon you fried yourself.  I don’t care for what are termed bacon bits that you find to put on salads or things like that.  They taste like chemicals or something. and certainly not the funny tasting crunchy brown buds at salad bars.  So a thick slice of fresh ‘mater, lettuce, non fat mayo,  diet bread, bacon pieces, salt and pepper (I always pour on the pepper!) on toast..3 points and not bad a’tall.

I am subdued over the terrible things happening in Texas.  Worried as I have friends there.  Houston.  So..see you on the other side.  Have a good rest of the weekend.