Busy busy today and one thing I did when I got home a bit ago was make myself a veggie burger.  I have not had but one in my life and it didn’t kill me.  I fixed this one and calculated the points for it and the bun, dosed it up with a lot of sliced raw onion, a little lettuce and some ketchup. (hope no one comes to see me till tomorrow..I must be pretty aromatic).  Not too bad.  Of course I was very hungry and that may have had something to do with it.

Been out to buy 6 pounds of grapes.  If I didn’t have them mid morning for a snack and at night, same reason, I would not have lost an ounce!  I will do some serious whining this fall and winter when those sort of fruits that I love so much..grapes, cherries, peaches, nectarines will be gone and there won’t be anything but bananas, oranges, all citrus fruits and apples..all of which I would rather not have.  I just eat canned fruit. You know what I would like to have?  A fresh fig.  I have never had one but whatever figs I have eaten, I really enjoyed.  Not likely that I will ever have one and I wouldn’t know how to eat it if I did.  Just as I have no idea how to eat a pomegranate or what they taste like.

I was listening to one of those 15 or so minute Time L*fe advertisements for music while the TV was on yesterday.  I am always motivated to buy the darn things but I never do at 125.00 or so a set.  I wanted some old Led Zeppelin though so I was looking in no less a place that Wal-Mart.  They didn’t have that but they did have some CD sets of differing kinds of music..they say on the box it’s the original groups..and while there are a great many less songs on this set (I did buy it) paying $10.00 plus tax beats $125.00 plus tax and S&H.  It will give me a taste.

The wind is blowing so mightily out there it blew my really cute straw hat off my punkin head and whipped it off a good 50 feet or so while I ran after it. My hair is long, so I looked like Medusa with it blowing long and wild in the wind.  Not breeze…wind!  It’s a cutie hat.  Wide brim in front..a little ribbon around the crown and made from pale colored straw. 

The other resident of the house is splayed out on her back…soaking up sun in the doorway this side of the full view glass storm door.  Busy girl.  Oh..the flea meds for 2 months and the carpet cleaning did the job for me.  Thank heavens.  I will always put some Front Line + on her before I head off over the Mountains again.  May as well do as Sheriff Taylor said "Nip it!  Nip it in the bud!".  Everyone thinks Barney said that but I believe I was told it was Andy.  Sounds like a barny-ism though.

I have a freshly aired and sunned pillow back on my bed and you don’t. 

Have a super rest of the day..see you at your place.  No..don’t lock the doors!