The prolific blogger here, me, ran out of things to here is a reprise of a bad bad bad day I blogged about way back when.
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a beginning to the day!  At 0630 I was in the kitchen and thought I
heard birds fighting.  No, that wasn’t birds fighting.  I had forgotten
what a skunk sounds like.  Once a year or so ago, standing on the porch
of at work I saw some baby skunks calling for their mother who did
come and get them and carried them across the street.
They sounded like birds chirping.  So what I heard I found out
momentarily WAS a skunk sounding off.  There was no doubt to it as the
smell became overpoweringly intense within the next second.  In the
house, the odor quotient was no different than if I were standing
outside and got sprayed.  It was palpable.  When I opened the bathroom
door to wash my face and get started on the day, the odor was like a
WALL for pete sakes.  I was stopped at the thresh hold trying to make
it in there.
The windows don’t open well in this house so eventually I got the glass out of
the old fashioned screen door in the kitchen and brought out a box fan
to try to exhaust out the horrible air in here.  It has helped, but
slightly.  When I came back to the house about 15 minutes ago I could
and can still smell it like a horrible veil that has descended into the
house.  BUT it’s not nauseating like it was when it first happened. 
That skunk HAD to have been, like, pressed right  up against the house
it was so bad.
So, time marches on and the odor remains to a great extent.  I’m still trying.
Next:  I called the Vet to see if they had time today to take the
cat, clean her ears and cut her nails.  They did.  The cat however even
though I did nothing, sensed what was coming.  No way did she
understand what was said on the phone, no.  However the cat carrier was
out and when I hung up the phone and leaned just to pet per (
admittedly I was going to grab her right afterward) she sensed the jig
was up and shot out of the living room like all the ghosts of Hades
were after her.
An hour later she came out and I acted like nothing was going on
and then..faster than a speeding skunk, I grabbed onto her and began
fitting her into the carrier.  First time I have EVER heard her scream!  To the top of her lungs.  Never have I ever
heard her that loud.  It was heart wrenching and aggravating both at
the same time.  You would have thought I was killing her.  Driving hot
nails under those swords she is pleased to call claws.  Dripping water
on her head in the Torture Treatment.  Pulling her hair out strand by
I nervously got the car door opened and returned to take a horribly screaming cat to the Vet.
I was treated to that all the way down the Turnpike and into the
Vet’s Office.  Both ears are squeaky clean now and all her nails are
trimmed.  Who KNOWS how I can accomplish this the next time.  Oh, and
she gained more weight.  I payed awfully good money to have the Vet
examine her ( It was just going to be ears ‘n’ claws till I asked him
to examine her). I asked did he feel anything as he was palpating her
abdominal area.  He said " Yes.  I feel something soft and squishy!". 
So, my girl is losing her…no, pardon me, has  LOST her girlish
figure.  She will henceforth be allowed her wet food a teaspoon at a
time once a day.
Her an’ me.  We both fight the battle to keep a decent weight. 
So, that’s the day thus far.  Ewwww.  Things could be worse
I know.  If getting eau de la Skunque  out of the house is all I have
to worry about, I have, to coin a made.