"Nothing but blue skies, do I see".  That is an old song by the fabulous Irving Berlin.   It is an absolutely glad to be alive day out there.  As only September and October days can be with their particularly blue skies and the clouds are like heavy whipped cream everywhere on the horizon.  What an absolute winner of a beautiful day. Oh thank You for it.

I stalled till 0945 and finally got up on the treadmill.  Did some lackluster weights and got ready to leave.  That’s all I wanted to do anyway. While out I stopped at the Big Box store and got me a new bedroom phone..just a cheapie to talk on in a blue moon (another oldie and goody song)  and be a landline when the power is out.  The phone only cost 6 bucks.  I can see why.  I have to take the thing back because: the phone line they supplied will in NO way fit into he jack.  I even tried my old one.  Nope.  I will take the thing back.  If they can fit it in at the return desk..all  will be well.  I also bought a new cordless phone to go into the living room as the other is an older Uni-den and wanting to bite the dust.  Some warning notes left on the table from it to me gave me the first hint.  The next hint is a tone in it and the battery won’t last.  I am about to go digital phone with my ISP Comcast and so thought I would get a new phone to celebrate a clear perfect phone service.  (one of the boys has it..he recommends it)

Came home..made a sort-of BLT with the Hormel Real bacon Pieces.  Not too bad, I must say and the tablespoon of them I can have for my point value..just about right. 

Bought me another little chapeaux at the Big Box Store too.  On sale for 3 bucks.  A little cotton topped visor hat..long half moon shaped visor that looks cute on me…brown in color for Fall too, and so it doesn’t look like I just cruised thru the jr. dept. (which I did) and got another pair of pants..stone color, twill..straight leg (not my usual skinny legged ones) and nice..must say I am pleased with them both, hat and trousers.  I tried both of them on too before I left the store.  Learned that the hard way.

My middle boy wrote we family as a group and said he was planning a surprise for us.  I had to press a little to find out what it was last night and he realized we’d have to know.  He has a Time Share and he and his brother always use that when they do their Spring Break traveling together.  This time, he is getting us a place for Thanksgiving, and in the Smokies. Of course I live right here near the Smokies, but maybe this means no cooking for me!  We can stay and sleep over or come back home.  Sounds wonderful to me.  I can’t wait.  They are usually here, son and grandson for a week or thereabouts when Thanksgiving comes.  Looks like they, and we, may be there and here.  How cool is THAT!?

Perfect day for picture taking with that crayon blue sky but I have a few other things to get done.

(my pillow is out on the deck rail..ahem.  Yours should be too).