If a day can be superlative then today is superlative.  No more so than yesterday but just as gorgeous as well as perfect in temperature, sun and low humidity.  Glorious.

Now…to my topic.  Have you ever paid attention to the fear mongering drug ads in all the women’s magazines?  I tore one out of Good Housekeeping last night.  Cr*stor is the drug company and theirs is the ad I am speaking about.  This one shows a middle aged woman just serenely smiling…and there are scenes from her supposed-to-be life in neat little circle presentations just beyond her smiling face.  Then, (cue scary music and fade to black and white…kidding here) we see a cut-away of the side of her neck where you see the dreaded deadly plaque buildup.  The ad states that ‘while you have been building your life, plaque may have been building in your arteries’.

 They have blanketed magazines with this ad.  the same ad or ones like it are on TV constantly.  Talk about draining and sucking any joy out of life..they are doing a great job of it.  There you are..pleasantly turning the pages of a favorite magazine and a "fear ad" jumps up in vivid colors..not necessarily to warn anyone from another planetary system still out there who hasn’t heard of heart disease, but to instill enough fear in you (and consequently put a shadow on any joy you had till then, day) to cause you to pester your personal physician to prescribe this particular medicine for you.  You may keel over any second from this dreaded buildup.  Buy Cr*stor and save your self!!!  It just torques my jaw.  Their marketing technique stinks as far as I am concerned.

I bought $10.61 worth of red grapes this morning.  Already started making inroads into them.  Yum. I have a lunch tomorrow where I will have to eat very sparingly..and  a dinner Saturday…same deal.  Man, losing weight sure puts a damper on eating great stuff while dining out.  Then, next week there will be more of the same being taken out..and I have to be careful.  I only lost eight tenths of a pound Tuesday weigh in.  Better than not any at all, or worse still, gaining, but still…if I would stop eating so much fruit (I am trying to be more conscious of it) I would lose more.  My clothes are a little looser though so it’s working.  Glad I am not around non dieting friends.  (we are all struggling) because Christmas eating opportunities would be impossible to bear what with all the candies etc.  THAT is where I meet my doom.  Anything sweet as I mentioned a blog or so ago.  It is far better for me to have no sweet anythings at all as opposed to having just a taste.  There is no such thing as having a taste.  I can’t not have fudge if it’s here and I will chip away at it till it’s gone.  So I do all I can to avoid things like that.  It’s almost as bad as quitting smoking.  But if the candy/sweets aren’t here..then no worries.

I took the phone back to Wal-Mart.  the door greeter helped me.  I had to show him the bag as I was going to take it into the store to the service desk. I never had to do that.  If you smile, dimple and ask sweetly, someone will help you.  I asked if he would try since he had it all out anyway.  He started messing with it and after about 8 minutes..we had it solved.  The directions were wrong and what’s more..the pieces did not fit together well.  But it’s done and in there hooked up as we speak.  Give me a call..we’ll test it out.

I put Miss Catt’s wistful looking picture back as my avatar.  I missed seeing it.  It so happens that during fair weather when it is neither too too hot or cold..she likes to have the door opened so that she may watch her version on TV.  That would be the birds and squirrels, chipmunks and other critters.  I hear the mailman greeting her so nicely when he comes up on the porch with the mail long about mid afternoon.  She is usually on her back, all 4 in the air and sawing logs.,  BUT when I hear " Hey Buddy…how ya doing" spoken to her, she HISSES!  She does!  How embarrassing!!!  Stands up and hisses!  He absolutely does not deserve that, he’s even good  looking.  What a little twerp she can be.

Time for a cup of Earl Gray.  I’ve already had my cookie.  I should have waited.

What’s that I see over there next to your computer?  Is that candy?  I hope it doesn’t crawl through the ether and come out of Miles into a plate near me.