Your Pirate Name Is…

Black Tanya the Terrible
What’s Your Pirate Name?

I saw this on *Just* Linda’s space this morning.  I thought it was cute.  I know a lot of people who would agree with my pirate name.  Maybe those I supervised. 

I’m headed out to lunch here soon.  Getting duded up a little.  But I thought I would stop by here a moment before I get gone.

I had made a comment in another blogger’s space about fried apples.  Those are a Southern dish and most Yankee’s go "Ewwwwww" when they hear of it.  We had to live up North for a spell and when neighbors came over and asked what was cooking, if fried apples was among the choices that evening it was inevitably met with disbelief.

I told that blogger in a separate message today that they are not to be apple pie.  Fried apples are extremely simple.  One gets 5 or 6 Granny Smiths, quarters them into maybe inch wide lengthwise slices, dumps them (preferably) into a cast iron  frying pan with some Crisco melted in it  bacon grease is even better. Add maybe a quarter of a cup of white sugar..cook with occasional turning them with a spatula so they don’t stick, till the apples are soft and a little shiny..that’s it.  As I said to her, we ain’t making no apple pie here; we’re fryin’ apples. No cinnamon, no brown sugar, no nutmeg, no  butter, no nothin’ but apples, sugar and a pan.  If you ain’t man or woman enough to eat ’em the way they’re supposed to be you a can of apple pie filling.  Real fried apples go with breakfast lunch or supper.  It’s a side dish that is the same as the corn, ‘taters and gravy on the table. 

Now..I have to finish getting ready to go out in a bit and suffer because I can’t have but one of two selections on the menu and stay reasonably in my points for the day.  I get 21.  I have had 3.  The day is LONG and I sure don’t want to use 10 for example, at lunch. 

I would love to have an entire pound of chocolate walnut fudge.  But thank goodness that can’t and won’t happen.  Don’t let me in your house if you see me standing there on the porch.  I probably smelled the good food cooking.  And I can’t be trusted.  I’d probably lay my face down in the bowl of mashed potatoes if you have them and work my way around to everything on the table.  Am I hungry right now?  Yes.

See you in a bit..don’t be no….