Another perfect day.  Cool, sunny, blue skies and low humidity.  Can’t beat that with a stick.

I headed out early though for one appointment, and then to a farmer’s market that sets up here in town.  Due to the appointment, I missed the open air concert of our town’s symphony orchestra.  I am so disappointed that I missed it.  They stopped a full hour ahead of the time that was published in the paper or I would have been there sooner and re-made the appointment.  However, though I could not enjoy the several types of music that are always presented, I did get a few things from the Farmer’s Market.  Namely two tomatoes, some lemon thyme…which I have never heard of until today (I was looking for lemon luck today).   I saw and bought a Japanese Red Maple tree also.  He rode home in the back seat, lying on his leafy side.  He is presently still in his container out there in the deck, as is the lemon thyme.  The man who does the yard will be back before too much longer to mow and then he can plant the tree then.  have to make up my mind where it will go.

Today is the game between the Tennessee Vols and the Florida Gators.  I don’t like saying this but I feel that Florida will win..again.  There is something about that game that makes our guys just not do as well as they could.  Time will tell me..the game starts in 45 minutes.  I am looking forwrd to it but I have that bad feeling.

Enjoyed my lunch yesterday and I had a grilled chicken salad on baby spinach leaves with a delicious dressing.  Not supposed to be over 5 points (out of my 21 allowed) so I had that.  I have never eaten spinach voluntarily since I was 8.  So I wasn’t looking forward t this and darned if it wasn’t delicious!!  I enjoyed every bite.

Beth Marie sent me one of her home made fruit cakes and I got it yesterday.  She knows I love them..always have.  She and I both have a birthday on the same day.  That makes it more fun when someone you actually know shares the same birthday with you.  I have put it in the refrigerator and I am trying hard to wait till the boys show up and help me with it,.  If I cut a piece’s all over for me.  I’d keep chipping away at it until it was gone.  We’ll say it would last 24 hours maybe.  LOVE the things.  My neighbor used to make small ones to give her friends.  They were fabulous and I dreaded when one came here.  I’d hack at it till half was gone and that was my breakfast!  The rest was my snack when I got home.  Not a good way to enjoy a cake.  She passed away 2 years ago, bless her heart.  And her hubby right after.  Now I have a family with 4 girls that I blogged about.  The worst of having the 4 girls is one of them, the 8 year old,  has an affinity for sitting in their car and blowing the horn periodically.  That goes on for like 30-45 minutes.  She definitely has a problem.

I had hoped to go to a little place between here and Knoxville to get some gasoline but where I was going does not have a good way to cut across traffic to get home again.  I usually save the gas trip till I am headed to Knoxville because of that.  It is always 10 cents a gallon less expensive there or  in Knoxville proper than any station in town where I live.  Still have no idea why.

Loved the pirate names that people left for me to see.  Captain Neck Snapper Nelly is among my favorites.  OW! Sounds darned vicious to me. 

Well, I am running out of grapes.  Enough for tonight and a snack tomorrow before evening.  I’ll have to find some more.  Getting about time when it will be harder to find any that have quality. 

Last item is, the hummingbirds are largely gone.  Still a few left but not as it was..which is to be expected.  Another 2 weeks total and they will all be gone.  They are going to their winter home with lots of love from me to help them on their ways.

Everyone have a good day.  I have so far.  This game is a scary one though.