Still pluggin’ along with Weight Watchers. I think with all the fruit I consume, that I will continue to lose 1 pound a week.  Better than not and better still than gaining.  I bought 3 more pounds of red grapes this afternoon early.

I had company all afternoon which was great for me.  It’s not hot nor humid so we sat out until the mosquitoes drove us in.  I showed off Beth Maries’s gift of her homemade fruit cake too.  Still unsliced.  I keep it where I don’t see it easily in the fridge.  Otherwise my sugar tooth would seek it out and eat it.  Chip away till it’s gone. 

Tomorrow my ISP provider cable company will be here to change my phone system.  I will have digital phone service,  For a year it will be $20.00 a month and then, $40.00.  I am paying $39.00  right now for just basic service except for the unlisted number.  Oh, and caller ID with AT&T.  I can’t get them to test my line for that annoying hum unless I pay a technician $85.00 as I quit paying that large amount they charge for inside wiring "insurance".  They got beaucoups of money and I never needed it till now. OK. You can just do without my money altogether then.  Actually I will be paying $24.00 as I am keeping my unpublished and unlisted phone number.  AT&T charged me $8.00 for that so.  I am keeping my old phone number those of you who have it.  Still the same.  I can call now in the Continental U.S. instead of having to go to my cell phone for long distance.  There is voice mail which I don’t have with AT&T due to high cost.  There is long distance as I said within the U.S.  It’s digital, I can access my voice messages from my (or any) computer. And it will be clearly transmitted and heard  AND my burglar alarm system alarm if any, will go over it just as it does presently with the phone system I have till 1100 tomorrow.  All for the same price for AT&T.  I think I also get call forwarding, etc etc etc. 

Other than that nothing to say.  I had a fabulous day full of laughter and some work.  Sun, low humidity, blue skies, friends…not a lot better.  Oh, and for a snack, we had low fat pop corn and diet coke.  The hummingbirds were great company and even fought one another under our Market umbrella and buzzed our faces while fighting  as well.  I have included the new red Japanese maple tree in his pot (I am not telling you Steve, how I know it is a male!) till he gets planted in about a week. It’s not a good photo as I can’t get my editing program where I need it yet.  Miles and his system get my goat sometimes.

I have been around visiting.  First time today I have had time.  Seems as though everyone had a good weekend.  I’m glad because I care what happens to you not that you haven’t got that figured out yet.  :