No "git along little dogies" though…just YIPPEE!  That means that the digital phone service is in place.  No more loud irritating hum on the line.  I have my voice mail box set up (that was easy) and I’m ready!  I asked my son who also has Comcast digital phone service if I can call Canada.  If so, you -know-who-you-are will get a call back.  She has had the burden of calling me.  I want to make sure even though I read every word..I don’t trust a few things because of the wording.  I’ll ask him. 

The tech got here right at 0900. He left 1045.  The burglar alarm is working great and it has been tested through the Company that receives the alarms. Man, you forget just how piercing that can be.  Miss Catt did not like that a bit while sojurning under the bed.  I had to let it shriek for 2 minutes.

The hummingbirds are still in the process of leaving my hearth and home.   I barely have anyone today out there today, where yesterday I did have a few.  This is a good thing.  They will get fattened up and head on out in their own good time.  A lot of people mistakenly think that taking in food supplies and making the birds hungry will trigger migration.  That isn’t so.  It’s harmful to them.  They know when to is not up to us to determine it for them. The more food. i.e. fattening up they can do before their arduous trip back to their Winter home, the easier they can make the flight. 

Some birds who are in the process of migrating will see your feeder and stop off for a day to replenish and refuel for the rest of their journey.  Please be kind and leave them some "gas" to help them out.  This goes for bird seed too, not just hummingbirds.

I read in a source that birds who get all fattened up before they leave, lose up to 44% of their body weight after migration. 

I’m bustin’ to make some ‘across the U.S.’  phone calls with my new digital phone service!  Before, I could only do that with my cell phone.  I am so pleased now not to have to haul that out everytime I want to talk to the middle boy or anyone else for that matter.  I wish I knew more people in other States, now.

Miss Catt is piled up in front of the glass full view storm door.  She rogered out while watching her "TV".  That’s the animals & birds out there.  She’s on her back, all 4 up in the air..enjoying the sun and the day.  I would do that too, but it might frighten the mail man.  At least I wouldn’t stand up and hiss at him the way this little unmannerly troll does!

I am in the midst of an excellent hair day.  BUT I think this next  trip to the Salon will have me asking for a bob, almost shoulder length but a little shorter.  Not chin length.  That’s too short.  Been quite a while since I allowed my hair to be short. My hair is long and very heavy.  HOT is what I mean.  I keep it up more than let it down so that means the length is annoying to me and I won’t face it.  She (stylist) does a great job with layering ought to see the back.  Ooo la laaa!  I pay for it, Believe me.  That place is expensive.  Pretty as she does it however I still think I need to have it shortened considerably.  The style I have now is just like a bob but looooong.  Mid back length.

OK.  Boring stuff all the way through..especially this stuff so I am gone.  Seeyabye.