Not too surprisingly I was watching DWTS last night.  I started with a decision making process in mind.  That being, was it going to be worth my time with all those individuals and knowing fully a third of them were totally not going to make it.

I have to say that although I wondered "WHY?" with Cloris, she was hilarious.  Her clowning was over done but it was funny.  I would hate to think she’d take up time doing that every week but last night, it was funny.  Her dance wasn’t that bad for her age.  And she is a living testament to plastic surgery and how you can look with face and arm lifts, at 82.  She just needs a cake of soap for that mouth apparently.

There are just 4 of them with any real promise of getting thru the rest of the series.  And several of them are just so likeable you want to see more of them even if they are pitiful.

I was not that thrilled with the idea of Misty can’t spell her last name..the one in the Olympics..that silly beach vollyball.  But she was surprisingly good!  I voted for her and her only last night.  So I became a convert!

I think Braxton, Misty, Brook, Cody and Lance are the ones to beat.  The one called Ted is very likeable but dances like he’s a piece of lumber.  The one called Jeffery who is dancing with the pro, Edyta is the one I would like to see gone next week.  A little goes a long way.  The rest of the 13 are just unremarkable, literally, to me.  I could not care less.

I had the loveliest surprise yesterday when I went to get the mail.  A beautiful little exquisitely made pin cushion from Cindy.  Lavender with two tiny little pins in it already topped with a tiny pink heart and a wee pink rectangle.  It is adorable.  So last night, I had a small piece of fruitcake, I caved in after all, from Beth Marie and had the pin cushion right there as well to look at. It will go into the curio (the pin cushion, not the cake) the curio cabinet to keep it safe from little Miss here.