I lost another 2 pounds when I went for the weigh-in yesterday.  Just a tenth of a pound off that so I happily rounded it up to show off here. I celebrated by making and eating the entire thing, some no fat sugarless cooked pudding.  I don’t like instant..to me, cooked is worth waiting for.  About 10 points or half of my allowance but you have to have something sometimes.  You know you are far away from treats and the good stuff when pudding is an opulent treat. I got hungry again during DWTS and followed the edict I set forth for myself at the beginning of this WW time.  I said  (and I really did..out loud too) "You can eat all you want any time you want. There is plenty of oatmeal and beans.  Eat till you bust every time you want to".  I did say that to myself and so last night, I had some butterbeans.  Better than eating cookies, sandwiches, who knows what else.

I saw the first elimination on DWTS  Man, looks like I’m not the only one who couldn’t take that Jeffery guy.  What a clunker. I hope Cloris is next.  She seems out of it or something,  Puzzled..whatever adjective fits.

Brook is fantastic!  Cody and Julienne are magical, and I have to say I enjoyed Warren and Kym in that two step.  Cody and Brook are my favorites so far.  And as for Bra-x-ton, if competing is that hard to do with whatever heart condition she has, I say don’t do it and for pity sakes quit constantly using it as an excuse.  It’s getting old already. 

Misty Mae is alright.  She clumps around though.  Sorry.  Just how I see it.  Nice but clumpy.  Love those ‘traps’ she has.  I have had similar and they aren’t that bad right now.  I don’t like her partner though.  Never have.  Never remember his name.  I don’t think he is very nice to the contestant and I didn’t appreciate his downputting remark to her Monday night about her trapezius muscles.  He made the remark that it was the first time he had met a woman with the same level of muscle as he had in that area.  Well, pardon me Max or whatever your name is..she earned those with just as much physical activity as you have to earn yours.  And hers are pretty!

It is in the high 50’s  outside here and I am in shorts and bare feet.  I believe I may slip on some socks though.  It should not get to more than the 70’s.  Of course, you -know -what is out there in the deck absorbing sun.  I bought me a new gadget for that, pillow sunning and for hanging wet things that have to line dry.  It is a collapsing pole that extends three "arms" out and has 24 grooves to put hangers.   Take a very small area and serves a good purpose.  You can even use it for guests so they can hang their things when there is no closet space.

Time to get ready for the day.  I have bragged about weight loss..cut DWTS to shreds and talked about the weather.  I think it’s time for me and the camera to go forth and find something pretty.  OH!  Speaking of that, one of my sons, the one who is a wonderful photographer as a hobby, went out into a grassy area just ouside of where he works, and took 6 outstanding macros.  That Brown Skipper, the Lady bug, the bee, the grasshopped (red legged too) and the leaf cutter as I call them, and that spider..whoa!  Like you could count the facets in their eyes..see every pore on their body!  But he keeps them on his Nikonian Forum page.  He may have put one or two in the link I have on the side of the blog here…Neil’s Photo Tips.   I’ll have to look.

Meanwhile, have a great day and do something fun.  If you remember, call me..I’ll join you.