All of you who have written me, thank you so much for the birthday wishes.  You made the day even better.  Beth Marie and I both have birthdays on the same day.  We love being 29 and we swore we’d never give our secret away on how we stay 29  and such hotties every year.  Only a Libran can know.  All Librans line up on the left and we’ll get to you in turn.  Maybe,  Probably not.  Just go on about your business. 

The other house resident allowed me to sleep to the brink of 0700.  Hey..that’s a concession from her the little troll!  It was 68 degrees in the house when I got up.  52 outside.  Of course I hauled on the fleece robe and Winnie The Pooh slippers.  But I had to schlep out while the coffee was brewing and put additional recyclables to the curb before they got here this morning.

Oldest will be here tomorrow night..I think the youngest will be as well.  Hopefully I won’t be cooking as they will be here for the birthday celebration (they are working so not today).  And Saturday I have another going out to eat for my birthday with another friend.  That’s quite a few meals out and always the same thing to keep within my points. 

I watched DWTS last night and I disagree with leaving Leachman on the show.  She is a foul mouthed full of herself person and unable to do the dances of course.  Why people vote to keep her on is her foul mouth I guess  *shrugs shoulders*.  The one who did go home, while he was very very nice wasn’t going to succeed so just as well.  Thing is, from this point on, keeping Leachman will knock out the ones who CAN and do put effort into the learning and performing.  I never liked that those are the ones who get booted so some person unable to perform but who has a big mouth, can stay,  Oh well.  No one ever told me I am the Queen. 

It’s 52 chilly degrees out there.  And none too warm in here.  Guess I had better climb into something warmer than this pair of shorts and T. 

One thing I have gotten for a present today is from my oldest.  He knows I am a Hello Kitty fan as well as Winnie The Pooh, so I have an adorable umbrella in the Hello Kitty motif.  You’ll sure see me when I head on up the street on rainy days.  It’s Hello Kitty pink!!  I love it!  Thank you, Honey.

Guys..see you over at your place.  How ’bout some fruitcake?  (no, not me..I mean to eat!!!)