Good morning.  Yesterday was the birthday and I am launched toward another thousand tomorrow’s.  I am grateful for each friend who travels beside me.  Looking at it conversely, I am also beside them as they travel.  Two way street.  For all who brightened my day yesterday with greetings and comments, I send a heartfelt and full of love thank you to each of you.  I’m glad I got’cha.  Every one.

My middle son called yesterday just as the postman was delivering a package.  He was wishing me a happy birthday and was wondering if the package had gotten here yet.  Indeed and it is a Volopoly game.  A Monopoly game using things from the University of Tennessee Volunteers and the University itself.  I will play it as soon as I can go out and threaten someone to git in here and try it out with me.  Failing that, two other sons will be here tonight.  Hint hint hint.  And included was something I had forgotten about from the last time I was there and at his post office, I had tried to get an issue of Frank Sinatra stamps.  They were out as there was a run on them.  I was so disappointed!  But I forgot them and so my son went back when they had more and got them for me for part of my gift.  LOVED both things.  You know about my Hello Kitty umbrella, and the youngest and the oldest will be here tonight and I will tell you what he gave me. 

Meanwhile, my favorite restaurant had a fire day before yesterday and I will be going past to see if it is in operation.  It was a minor fire to all intents and the possibility that they are operating is strong.

I had saved two cherry tea bags and use done of them yesterday as a birthday treat.  I am so sad though not to be able to get more of this particular kind.  And it isn’t like I haven’t been taking the empty box everywhere to specialty stores trying to get them to see if their distributors can get it.  So far a resounding no.  They did ask.

I finally accessed my 401k info on line. I just didn’t want to see it.  Not pretty.  Not pretty at all.  BUT there is some truth to it that you haven’t really lost until you take it out and put what’s left under the mattress.

Of course, today I must go out and try to find some grapes from the waning supply available.  I bought two apples yesterday, Red Delicious, and I washed and ate one.  I just don’t care for them.  And that one was not sweet.  It was red alright and not delicious by any stretch. Tasted "green" if that made any sense to you.  I don’t care for Fall/Winter fruits any way.

Well, come on..go get in the car..let’s roll.  Got things to do and people to annoy till I see the two boys tonight.  I’ll see the third one in a few weeks.  Wait…are you wearing that???