think today’s lunch is the last birthday meal and
gift.  My best friend took me to lunch today.   She gave me a bottle of
fragrance.  and a funny card.  AND a box of WW cookies.  My favorite
kind. The boys were here yesterday..well the oldest and the youngest,
and the youngest gave me some CD’s of favorite music and one of the
funniest cards I have had from him.  It was based on The
Simpsons..little Ralph.  (One of the talking ones).  He took us out
for  dinner too last night and I had a thoroughly enjoyable WW meal. 
Had one today too.  And all the other meals I have been lovingly
treated to. That is all I order, Weight Watcher menu things.  I never
got a dessert much as I would love to have had one.  My birthday "cake"
was as I blogged about…sugarless, fat free cooked pudding.  Once.  IF
I haven’t gained weight this coming Tuesday, I will celebrate by
another pudding extravaganza.

Oh I got a compliment today.  I love compliments.  I always say thank
you and I always sincerely appreciate them.  I give them as often as I
get them.   I do the work to try to put in a good appearance and if
it’s appreciated, why, so much the better.

I love my new digital phone service.  I am waiting to see how badly
AT&T will spam me with telephone calls to re-start the service and
all the other things they do. Yes, I have the Do-Not-Call.  But if they
have a business relationship with you they are allowed to harass you
to death with sales calls from people whose accent makes them totally incomprehensible.  Their voices in their sales pitch
sounds like a cell phone ringing..  I no longer DO have a relationship
with now if they start  again, I will report them.  Hopefully
it won’t happen.  I went thru the dickens last year when I ceased my
long distance service because I had my cell phone for long distance. 
Why pay for what you don’t use.  I blogged a solid two or three weeks
about the constant every day morning noon and night barrage of spamming
calls I had from Bell South to reinstate the service.  That made me all
the more determined not to.  And..the accents and horrible mangling of
my name just made me all the more determined and torqued off.  Don’t say a name if you can’t pronounce it for pete sakes. 

I have the game on, but I can’t bear seeing my Vols get whupped again
so I am not in there watching.  Too painful.  This is absolutely not
our year.

Man, I’m fuller’n a tick.  I had grilled chicken in  garlic and herb
butter (which I tried to scrape off)(the butter part) and it came with
steamed veggies, i.e. maybe a half fist size bunch of steamed red
potatoes,  and some almost still raw broccoli.  It just occured to
me..they didn’t bring bread which I never eat at a meal even at the
best of times.  So at least a component of the meal was not wasted this
time.  They had a WW dessert..a very thin sliver of chocolate
raspberry cake.  I say why get started with a taste of sweetness,  It
will only make me want more.  I am a sugar ad*i*t.  Best for me to stay
totally away.  Easier on me. 

I have not done any exercise all week because of obligations.  But you
and I both know, I should have done them anyway even if it was at an
atypical time.  That’s OK.  My poor foot needed the break.  It still
hurts across the metatarsal joint after 2 years. Nothing on the
x-ray.  Go figure.

OK.  May as well go back and see what happened on the field.  Sigh. 

Have a great rest of the weekend..see you at your place.  No..come on over here.  I am too full to travel now.