Tell me I will wake up in the morning and the specter of having to see Cloris will be gone.  Oh say it will happen, do.

I think that the delicious Derek and his partner Brook are just about the ones to beat this time.  Cody and Julienne are my next favorites.  Warren keeps surprising me.  He’s quite competent.  Susan Lucci did alright as did Maurice.  Did I detect a little pique in Maurice’s voice at the judging part of the show?  I believe I did.  Can’t take the heat, stay outta the kitchen, Maurice.  Lance did well but sorry..if there are elements in a dance the judge looks them.  Don’t be arrogant.  Toni..lovely lady and good dancer but give over with the heart condition and doctors hovering.  Just quit while the getting’s good or do me a favor and stop trading on the condition.  If it’s (the condition)  that bad, then she shouldn’t be doing this strenuous exercise of dancing.

Cloris, Kim Kardashian, Rocco and Susan…buh-byeeee.  Warren and Misty…OK, but they dance like androids in their methodical dancing style. Maurice…OK.  but temper temper.  Go Derek and Brook or Juilenne and Cody.  Those are MY A List dancers.

I have to face WW in the morning.  I have over done it on grapes every single day and WW cookies too.  Birthday week and I guess I felt sorry for myself or something, not having any cake or goodies at all.  No..I did have fruitcake.

Miss Catt is pacing back and forth,.  I believe she wants me to join her in the next room where I hope to be purred to sleep.  She’ll knock off first and snore me to sleep.  I have not forgotten my idea to catch her in a video.  But she always feels me near and hears the tiny sounds of me trying to take the video and she raises up, awake.  Curses, foiled again!

You all sleep well; have a good night.  Rest, and when you rise up in the morning may the sun shine and light your paths.  And warm both you and your hearts.