Oh for pete sakes.  Cloris is still there.  You’re right Rosebay..I was watching.  Oh wow.  Kim at least would eventually gotten it.  We have to listen to weeks more of Leachman’s potty mouth.  Other than that I agree with everything except Rocco’s being saved. 

And whoever said in comment yesterday or today that Warren was really good..he certainly is.  I knew he was and said so but I don’t think I quite gave him enough credit.

Want my prediction?  Derek and Brook.

You know, no one can say that Jessica Simpson is not a beautiful woman,.  But man, she hit enough clinker notes singing that I finally muted it 2/3’s thru the second song.  Ewwww.  I have never heard her sing before.  Is she always that off?  I also noted that her lip gloss was surely gone by the time she finished singing.  That gloss was married to the microphone.  How could she stand being that close?  Guess it’s all in what you’re used to.

Those dancers with the lighting on their costumes were excellent.  That arrangement and the music were just different enough to keep my interest.  I saved getting up for grapes till after they were finished.

Speaking of grapes..today’s visit to WW brought me at the same weight as last week’s weigh-in.  Not up an ounce nor down one.  Considering all the birthday restaurant trips..I did well.  I would almost rather eat at home during this period as I can truly control the calories, etc.  Because I know what doesn’t go into it.  You always have to take your chances when someone else prepares it no matter what it looks like when it comes to your table..there may be butter in a sauce and you have no idea, and etc.

We are supposed to have a cold snap rather in the next several days.  Temps in the mid 40’s at night..high 60’s for a few days, then more normal temps i.e. 55  at night and 70’s in the days.  I hope it doesn’t get sufficiently chilly in the house that little Missy asks for heat..me either.  I hate starting this early in the year.

My dogwood has red berries all over it according to its season.  And there are a few trees with leaves starting to tip out with color here and there.  Too warm here for much but it will happen all at once.  By Halloween, a full two thirds of my leaves will be down and that is a BUNCH of eaves as I have frequently blogged about.  The oaks take the longest and they will be dropping leaves all the way till the end of December.  Makes raking a never ending job.

I hope you all of you had a good day and sleep well tonight, those of you on this side of the world.  To the sister over in Australia..I hope you have a great day today and all  four of you ladies go play golf.  I’ll drive over tomorrow.  That ocean water is heck on my transmission though.

All of you…XOXOX