It is mid afternoon and quite cool in the house.  No more than 68 degrees which isn’t bad.  No way will I fire up the heat.  Tonight I will pull up the raspberry colored heavy fleece blanket and me’n’her’ll be comfy.  It’s the getting up part in the morning that won’t be
very comfy.  It’s supposed to be 44 or 45 degrees out tonight. As this house is not that well insulated it will be quite chilly in the house in the morning.  Probably 60- 64 or so as it is only 68 now.  I am wearing warm clothes right now.  Not likely to change that anytime soon.  I did go ahead and bring in the plants that have been happy out on the porch.  Those who have been with me in my blog family may recall my complaining a lot about those stinky, albeit beautiful salad plate sized flowers on the Stapelia cactus that belonged to my deceased mother.  

Well, it liked to have died on me last year.  It took a lot of research and dogged hard work and wishing to get it going again. I was alarmed as it was hers, mothers, and I have had it for many years. Mother passed away in the late 70’s. ( still rather young)  It’s all I have of anything that belonged to her besides a blue sweater she had hanging on her door.  So I want it to survive.  It had "arms and legs" that were so long they dropped down and touched the floor.  That cactus had grown enormously.  And it made 7 incredibly foul smelling gorgeous flowers for me.  They bloomed in the house and stank up the whole house.  Then it upped and liked to have died.

As I mentioned last season, the flowers smell like carrion, i.e. rotted meat, and attract green bottle flies as to its pollination.  I posted pictures of it blooming with its star shaped flowers fully opened and stinking to high heaven..and I included pics of the tennis ball sized flowers still closed until they unfurled.  I even included a picture of a blossom outside over running the saucer I had it in..the blooms are like salad plate size…and the green flies that appeared out of thin air right straight to it.

So all this to say it is baaaaack and going to bloom  (P-U!!)  even though the plant is 1/4th the size it was last year,  It has been making its way back to health.

This is about as boring as my DWTS blog last evening.  Oh well.  It was on my mind and I am bracing for the continued growth of the flower that has started.  Maybe since the plant diminished so much in size it will make fewer flowers.  You know..I had that thing for a score of years and it finally bloomed.  No one was more shocked than I.  Who knew?

It has been a beautiful mostly sunny day..I have enjoyed every moment of it and I was so inspired I cleaned and polished every single wooden kitchen cabinet, upper and lower, and each piece of oak I could find in the house.  Up and down on the step ladder. The stove is next.  Not what you can see..that looks great but its insides and under parts.  You can come and sit on the stool and’s that?