I gave in and turned on some heat this morning.  It was 60 when I got up.  Standable but I didn’t want to.  After 45 minutes, I turned the heat on long enough to get it to 67. 

Got myself to the Salon this morning and many dollars later I came back to change and go back out again.  I took the camera.  You all know probably how much I love cloud pictures.  I found some beauties while out, but I could not find a place to take pictures of them without 1. Electric wires crossing every direction or 2.  Lighting poles.  That is just so uglifying.  I made that word up.  The prettiest scene is lessened by utility wires and poles sticking up and through the scene.  So I passed on taking any photos.

My middle son is coming over the mountains to see me tomorrow.  They’ll stay until Sunday noonish.  I can’t wait.  He had to wait a long long time to find any gasoline and a long long time in line to get it.  We seem to have some now so they’ll be able to make it back in good fashion.  I have my opinion about all this strife and turmoil and the refineries but I will keep my opinions to myself. 

Just as I suspected, Miss Catt indeed came to snuggle in the fleece blanket with me.  After she had her breakfast I found her back in bed for a bit.  I annoyed her by kissing that head, petting and snuggling her while leaned over her until she declared that was enough and flounced off.  She’ll be torqued this weekend.  She won’t be able to get into what she considers to be her room..the spare bedroom as that is where my grandson will be.  Best he sleeps undisturbed as he is a light sleeper. 

I am going to make a new recipe of home made chicken fingers for them on Saturday.  It’s on the back of the Bisquick box.  I’ll have french fries as well with that meal and a veggie and do a lot of crying because I can’t have any of the above  except veggies and stay within my points unless I don’t eat anything else all day.  Oh, I could have a taste, yes, but I would rather do without than have just a spoonful of a favorite food.

I am about to bust wide open from the vast number of grapes I just ate.  I’m allowed to have a whole bag of 94% fat free popcorn.  So, while I am not a popcorn fan, I have been eating it to keep full.  I will be popping some shortly.
(More compliments please.)

Thank you for the remarks in the blog photos about my kitchen.  I was fishing for compliments and I sure am glad it worked.  About one remark and the lack of clutter…none of my house is cluttered.  I detest clutter.  It makes me "nervous" or something.  I will fidget till it is removed.  I have clear table tops except the dining table which has a decorative glass bowl and sometimes candles.  Outside of lamps on end tables and small speakers..that’s it.  I read about folks using every horizontal space in their homes and that’s fine for them.  For me..I just can’t.  BUT do NOT look in the closets.  I have to excavate them every half year or so.  Too many clothes in all the closets..all of them and it’s all mine.  Dresser drawers are full…I am a linen aficionado and buy them when I don’t need them so I have to winnow things out from the linen closet.  Then I see another set of 600 TC sheets or another amazing bath towel.  I need help!

Going to be colder’n kraut again in the morning.  Have to throw another cat on the bed to keep warm.

Come see me..I’m ready for company.  I may have some brownies!