Thank you for my asked-for-by-me compliments!  Makes cleaning more worthwhile as Miss Catt could not possibly care less. Now I did have a critical used-to-be friend who came in here, inspected the place just about literally..called it "tacky" looking and insulted all she saw.  I put up with it for another year in an exercise of turning the other cheek but because of other more pressing reasons I terminated that relationship last Spring.  There is a limit to how much I can stand after all.  But that is a preface to saying I don’t care at all about any other home.  I would so much rather be there enjoying the company that concerning myself with whether of not their tables have stuff on them. 

I am watering the lawn.  $$$$$$$$$$$$$.  The city charges so much for water/sewer that it almost hurts to turn the sprinkler on.  But I have to or lose my investment of money in grass seed.  My lawn care guy actually hurt my feelings night before last about not doing what he considered enough watering.  He doesn’t have to pay the bill.

I think I am ready for them when they get here.  They said they were going to eat en route so I will provide a snack for when they get here.  The chicken fillets are thawed so that tomorrow I can make those chicken fingers I mentioned. 

We are going to a coin show Saturday morning.  My three sons and I are coin collectors so that is always a treat for us.  We have all amassed a lot in our collectibles.  I am taking some old bent up and broken gold jewelry with me to see if I can sell it for a few bucks.  Gold is $900 something an ounce.  I may have a gram or so of gold.  Then of course, one must make allowances for 14k being half (roughly speaking) of the gold content of 24k.  Hence, half the price paid per ounce or gram.  10k is way less and so even less paid for that.  People don’t realize that gold prices refer to pure gold.  Not adulterated— as in jewelry with its strengthening alloys such as silver, copper and sometimes nickle included. 24k gold is impractical for use in jewelry though it is out there for sale.  Extremely soft and will break in a wink of an eye.  I like 18k as a good compromise.

I am a collector too of  exonumia and I found four pieces night before last while I was looking for something else.  I had not remembered where I had put those pieces several years ago, in my haste to go on my trip..I "hid" them against having them out while gone.  I found them again and I will have to do some research to see what their value is now.  All are related to my career.  I got them on eBay but I no longer recall what I paid for them.  One of my better military things I have in my collection is a medal that has a silk ribbon and it also has a small dime sized pieceof gold medallion attached. It was awarded by Napoleon to his troops.

That reminds me.  I need to take allll that stuff out of the china cabinet I keep it in along with my gemstone roughs and fossils and clean the glass they all sit on.  What a pain. I would be happy to bribe any of you who can be bribed, to come over and do it for me.

Man, I had a veggie burger for lunch and with it, a slice of raw onion.  I have totally killer breath now and I have to go out again.  What was I thinking? 

I got my hair done yesterday.  It must look pretty good because some woman in Produce  at the grocery asked me had I been to the Salon..on having told her yes, she asked if I knew there were varied shade of red and blonde.  I said yes, I did. (I guess she isn’t used to the concept of color weaving, i.e. the ol’ foiled strips with our hair neatly folded inside for a few minutes.   Then she went into raves of compliments and asked where I went.  I was happy to tell her. 

OK.  Heading back out again.  Maybe if I breathe on the clerk, they will pass out from the fumes and I can get my things for nothing!! Worth a try!