Miss Catt was minding her own business when she was set upon as soon as she left her stately bed chamber this morning!  A howling mob. paid for by the opposition, had sworn out a warrant for her arrest!  The C.P. (Cat Police) were here in numbers to handcuff..rather to say pawcuff Ms. Catt and convey her to jail in the town’s Black Mariah, with sirens yowling and sounding, adding to the public humiliation of it all.  The indignity and unfairness of it is appalling! 
All the mud slinging and personal attacks she has had to endure since she and Molly started their campaign have been met with exemplary courage and aplomb  on Miss Catt’s and Molly’s part.  However, having gone too far, someone on "the other side" has accused her, Miss Catt, of doing catnip.  Not once in her youth but many times thereafter even unto her middle age.  How they dare to declare this made-up slurring of her sterling reputation is beyond comprehension!  Midnight and Simba are holding a press conference this afternoon at 1600 to address this grievous untruth.

"This is the most blatant example of the opposition’s fear of Miss Catt’s growing popularity with the people", Mr. Midnight, Campaign Manager to Miss Catt’s Party, said shortly after the much bally-hoo’d arrest. "Heads will roll.  This is an outrage." Mr. Midnight was last heard hissing as he hurried off to join Simba in arranging the Press Conference.

 Miss Catt’s attorney’s are closeted with the Judge..endeavoring to show that Miss Catt was arrested and incarcerated without due cause.  "Miss Catt will sue, make no mistake"! was the phrase most often whispered to the waiting press.  "Rumor is as rumor does"! barked Molly in staunch defense of her running mate.  "The truth will come out" Molly continued. "That catnip is strictly medicinal and only used on occasion to clear up her sinuses".

Miss Catt’s handlers have made bail and Miss Catt has been released to her Office in the City while her attorney’s work to get this ridiculous charge dismissed. 

Power to Miss Catt!  Vote early and vote often!