I have just come back from the place where I bought my car.  It needed its 45,000 mile factory scheduled maintainence.  While my son was here this weekend, he heard a loud squeaking sound that I did not.  I have some loud ringing in my ears for one thing and too many  days at the Range even with ear protection will mess with your upper end of the spectrum hearing.  That’s what happened to me.  Meanwhile, after I slowed to a 2 or 3 mph and lowered the window, I heard it.  I brought it up to the man writing up the work order at the dealership when I got there this morning for my appointment.  When my car was brought into the service area, I could hear it loud and clear.  Long story short, it was the belt tensioner. I had been hearing something..not to that level… for a long time.  So, with the factory scheduled service @ $177.00 and the tensioner assembly with belt, labor and all that, the total bill was just under $600.00.  Not exactly what I had been looking for when I left the house this morning.  Or while I sat 3 1/2 hours waiting. 

However, always looking for a positive I told myself on the way home that it was a needed repair and the car is as silent as it was meant to be all along,.  I simply didn’t know what the matter was or even if I had a real problem until it got more acute.  Plus, I knew I had to face the music sooner than later, may as well git’er done.  The rest of my positives were more or less…be grateful that you have a car and that it is in good shape generally.  That in turn led me to more thought of all I DO have to be grateful for.  Now, I have finished reeling from the high ticket knowing that it was inevitable and that everyone else is going thru thru the same sort of thing when they need to take their car in.  Maintaining a vehicle is extraordinarily inmportant.

Miss Catt is extremely grateful for the replies  yesterday. The fun and great humor in the comments made my afternoon.  I was sad that my son and grandson left early Sunday morning and  so I needed a little lift up.  Thank you for giving that to me. 

There is, as usual, something wrong at least here on my blog with the stats.  For three days it shows I have 1 visitor a day.  So according to it, I have had three total in as many days.  Um, I think not.  I have a problem with stats at least every 5 weeks or so for sometimes 5 days for the past 2 years.  Go figure.

It is another completely beautiful day…something else to be grateful for.  And I am grateful not to have had the heat on this day and last night.  Whew.  They charge a lot for natural gas heating around here.  And TVA just upped the electricity rates 20% starting 1 October.  They have us coming and going.  But gratitude comes in here as well.  I’m grateful I have a home to heat and cool. 

My pansies are in the little upper flower bed.  Not the huge variety of colors that I usually put in but enough.  They and I will cheer one another through the Winter.  I love seeing their lovely faces when I look out of the kitchen window.

We all had a great weekend.  Relaxing and some laughter.  We did indeed go to the coin show.  All I wanted was to sell a little bit of mis-shapen, old and worn out gold jewelry.  I did that and endulged my passion for collecting WW ll things.  Got some American and Japanese occupation money/scrip that had been in the Phillippines.

I have started my trek around Spaces..as I was missing the past several days except to tell of Miss Catt’s terrible incarceration under false circumstances.  She is out of jail and planning her campaign again from this point onward.