I have a very large pot of vegetable beef soup made.  I cooled it some before refrigerating it.  I put a lot into it.  I even bought a head of cabbage this morning before I went home, and with beef, fresh onion, carrots, peas, beef stock, potatoes.  No frozen goods.  I included two cans of diced tomatoes with basil, oregano and onion, two cans of tomato sauce as well.  I outdid myself and I am sloshing as I walk I have drunk and eaten so much of it.  There is plenty more too.  I’ll go on a run so to speak and have it done by Friday.  I’ll eat it morning noon and night because I love home made soup.

My chicken fingers were delicious and tender.  I made too many as I thought the youngest would come by for supper.  He didn’t and I had to cook them anyway or they would spoil.  So I have had several left over.  I have had them on a sandwich for lunch these past several days, Sunday thru today and they are finally used up.

In a few weeks I will make a pot of chili.  My oldest would like that he said.  If he decides to come over this weekend, that may be a good time to fix him some.

I had an absolutely knock ’em dead good hair day today.  Had one every day this week.  No one deserves that so my hair will all fall out tonight probably!  I go stylin’ around with my whoopty doo hair and no man is safe in my presence.  Woo Hoo!

I did watch THE program last night and I will tonight to see the results.  I say either Warren or Derek’s partner, Brooke.  Warren is adorable and I like a man of measure anyway..plus he has a great personality.  He does great for his size.  Brooke is the best however even if she does have hissy fits.  Susan Lucci looked & danced like a wooden cigar store whatchamacallit. Stiff as a board.  A lot of that is her advanced age I would guess as she doesn’t show any flexibility.  Very lady-like.

Another blogger said she bought new pillows.  She likes them lofty.  Then another commented that her hubby likes his as is…flat as a fritter.  I’m with him.  I like a thin pillow.  I bought a new one a few months ago as the one I always use..wait…that WE always use, me’n’her, is lumpy.  The new one is the same style etc and make..but too fat.  I have sat on it in here..in the living room..on many occasions trying to get it flatter.  It’s about to break my neck.  I look like I’m on the gallows or something it crooks my neck and head so much.    It’s a work in progress.

I suppose I had better get some things done if I want to see DWTS results and then the debate tonight.  Come on over..we’ll watch together.