it is largely true that you cannot easily train a cat, it is also
largely true that they can and do train YOU.  You will find yourself
deferring to them more than you do not.  The choicest place to
sit….who reads the paper first, you or them…who gets the
cereal…you or them… want that bacon?  HA! want to go to the bathroom while the cat is on your
lap?  You’ve got to be kidding.  You learn to hold it.  While holding the
cat who is, of course, asleep..if something needs doing, you get out of
doing it by stating " Can’t.  The cat."  If this doesn’t bring on a
memory to my sons, I guess I will be
Don’t ever let it be said I might add that cats
are dumb.  Oh no, they are not. That old saw that cats don’t have
owners; they have "staff" is right on the money.
 However, those who say you can’t get them to respond must never pay attention.
I can ask her if she wants milk and she runs to the
fridge to wait.  If I say " do you want a treat?" she goes right to the
treat cabinet and waits.  If I ask if she wants to be brushed…she
runs to her place where she gets brushed.  If I ask does she want to go
to bed  she hops
up on the bed. IF she wants to that is.  If I ask if she’s hungry, she
goes to her dry food bowl.  If I say " Do you want Fancy Feast?" she’ll
stand there where they are and wait.  Don’t tell ME they don’t respond
or understand.  Now, I will grant you that if they don’t feel like
whatever it is you want..then they aren’t going to do it.
But, when I have to spell certain words instead of say them, that tells me she knows what I am saying.
Those kitty kisses are so sweet. (and cold and whiskery-tickly) When I get one, I
always say " I love you too, Girl."  Sometimes when I am almost asleep
and she’s slid off my chest where she does her Sphinx imitation, to
curl into my neck and shoulder ( always on the left side) she’ll reach
up a paw and pat my lips while she has her eyes half closed and
purring.  I believe me and the girl have a mutual admiration society
going on.
I leave the TV on for her most times as I have
noticed she is more calm when I come home after a long time than if I do not. 
She watches the shopping channels or CNN.
Just a few words about kitties.  If you don’t have one, get one.
See ya dudes