When you get stumped for a title, that’s what happens.

I did have the oldest here till this afternoon..he’s home now.  And the cat doesn’t feel too well.  I thought she didn’t because she has not been eating as usual.  I think it’s the ol’ hairball syndrome that will soon right itself.

My University’s football team is in there losing and I am in here trying not to see it.     They have had the worst year on record I think.  Oh well.  You either take pride in yourself and your school… and you’re well coached, or you lose.  Looks like they are losing.

The chili turned out well..I hope you got some before he took the leftovers home.  I left a note on the door for you where I had it in the fridge.  The key is under the mat..so..if you snooze you lose.  I figured I’d do that rather than keep running to the door for you when you got here for your bowlful.  Next time, leave some crackers.

It was another totally perfect wonderful beautiful matchless and worth a poem written about it, weather day.  Oh the blue in the sky is something that seems only an October sky has.  The clouds…well, I paint, but I could never capture them with their full beauty and subtle colorations  these past several days, they are that special and lovely.  The temperature is mid 80’s…reasonably dry, and the sun is so brilliant and strong you just want to sing!

Of course I had my pillow out there and of course when I brought it in, the fresh air scent filled the bedroom.  My glass is full and running over these past days. 

By the way, gasoline was $3.29 this afternoon when I bought 5.2 gallons. 

Got to return some calls..the voice mail was jivin’ when I got home.  See you soon.  I have been around to lots of you.