Christian Glitter by

To all of my Canadian friends,
Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is another of those absolutely matchless days that make you want to try to compose a poem or something in a feeble effort to describe the beauty.  Oh it is all I said and more.  I can’t find the words.

I was going out with the camera.  It went with me but I planned foolishly and went to the grocery for some inexplicable reason, buying frozen foods that had to be brought home of course.  I was going out again but the Sunday paper gripped my arm and I was forced to sit and read. 

After that there are a few things to be done.  Those will still be here if they are not started today.  Some are better left for a dull cold day.  (I like those too however..I am always out in those as with any cold day).  Love cold if there is not much wind.  But a day like today..that is the best of all possible days.  Only Spring and Fall can bring us these temperatures, lack of humidity and blazingly bright sun in painted blue skies.  If I were to do a gem inlay picture, I would use Lapis Lazuli for today’s sky with mother of pearl  fitted in for clouds.  Adventurine for the grasses, with scattered gold and copper  pieces and carnelian for the trees in their Fall colors, with onyx for their trunks.  Cabachon (polished, not faceted gem stones) citrine, peridot, ruby, amythest, garnet, amber and moonstone for flowers.  The sun, a canary diamond. 

Happy Thanksgiving today and tomorrow to my treasured Canadian friends.