Cody has my vote 2 times on DWTS..I am in love with Warren but I am using my votes for Cody and for Derek’s partner, Brooke.  That woman, Brooke is one of THE best I have ever seen on there. Apolo Anton Ohno and Joey Fatone were the best men I have seen since I started watching.  Sabrina and Kristi are the only other two women I have seen in the past several years that in my opinion were THE best. Brooke is right up there with those two in my opinion. Brooke will have most of my votes but a third of them will go for Cody.  Warren wasn’t that good tonight but as always,  I think he is adorable.

As usual, Susan Lucci still dances like a department store mannequin.’s how I feel.  For sheer jaw droppingly good dancing ability, it’s Brooke all the way with Cody right behind.  Lance is OK, and he’s sure better than Maurice who is fair to middlin’.

Who watched the National news tonight on ABC and saw that football team from Barrow Alaska?  I was thrilled for them, touched by their story and how and why they were a team and I was so impressed by the wonderful woman in Florida and other sponsors who helped them find something besides the frozen tundra to play on.  I was blown away by the boys’ stories, their teachers, and the wonderful woman in Florida who worked hard to provide funding for artificial turf so the guys could play on something besides frozen gravel.  She and the other sponsors and the people like you and me who learned of them have opened their hearts to this team, the Whalers and helped them tremendously.  Made me proud of the boys and the school and all the heart of any and everyone involved.  Please see:

I took the 2 reels of movie film in.  If I am lucky, the 5 inch reel will be daddy when he was in his 30’s.  The small 3 inch one is color and it’s my boys.  I also took in about 80 slides to have put onto DVD.  They will be ready soon but the old film..that will be a good three weeks.

I just checked my 401k..not too too bad.  If anyone wants to marry me for my money, I still have some.  So far.  I am KIDDING on the marry me. 

Meanwhile I did not take a nappy so I am probably ready to head on in.  I just wanted my 2 cents worth on DWTS and Barrow Alaska.  There were Polar bears on the field.  Cool BEANZ!!!!!!!!!!!

This time say good night to me.  It’s your fault I couldn’t sleep last night!  You didn’t say goodnight.