haven’t had a night like that is a very long time.  My eyes were tired and sleepy and toward late afternoon, burning a little so when I went to bed at 11, I thought I would fall asleep fairly quickly.  I read quite a while though before I turned out the light.  Having done that, I laid there sleepless (in Tennessee) for about 45 minutes.  I gave up..got up..got some crackers and looked at my email and tried going back to bed.  Nope.  Wide awake.  Sleepy and eye burny but wide awake.  0100 and I was up again, feet headed toward the computer room.  0200 I was still reading in my room but I turned out the light after awhile.  The cat was getting seriously annoyed as she knew we were supposed to be sleeping, not continuously getting up.  She paced around on the bed meowing, so I turned out the light.  Silence from her and she tried snuggling again.  I decided I would lie there regardless till dawn if I had to.  I drifted off and that wasn’t easy.  She got me up regardless, at 0730.

She had me up at 0630 Sunday so it’s not like I laid there sleeping all morning.  Oh well.  One cuppa joe all day.  Go figure.  Nothing on my mind..it was as I have already said a super duper day.  *shrugs*.  Chances are I will sleep tonight though.

One thing really nice for us here in this household is I found another 5 inch reel of Daddy’s old OLD 8 mm movie film.  The metal can was from Sears and Roebucks in the city he was living in.  How long ago did they go to just Sears I wonder?  This MAY be the old film I thought I had the last time I happened on old movies of his to find that while it contained memories, it wasn’t the one I had hoped I found. 

I also found some old 35 mm slides.  Today I will take them outside where it is really bright and see if I can make out a little better what’s on the film and I will also cull through the slides before I have them put on DVD.  The youngest said he would and also asked that I choose as it takes a bit of time for each one and his time is necessarily limited.  I did see all my kidlets on some of them as very young boys and Hopping John, our male cat was, what else?  sleeping on another.  I am looking forward to pulling those out today of I can stay awake, and seeing what I have there. 

I had been trying to sort through winter and summer clothes and trying to make room for more in a big storage container under the bed.  When I saw it was full of papers etc I checked again and found the movie tin and the slides. 

Oh, and my public service announcement for you..  Tired of the credit card/loan/bank offers in the mail?  I do this every five years and did it again last night as a few are starting to trickle through…go to: 


There you just fill in your name etc etc and voila!  You’re done.  It works.  I was wary of getting all that stuff in my mailbox while gone so long each day and on trips because that’s the stuff of identity fraud and theft if someone (and they DO do this) steals your mail hoping for such forms.  So I called my credit card company at the time and asked if there was a way to avoid that kind of thing.  They put me on that list for me as a service.  Now you cvan easily do it yourself.

Have a good one, and I will try to remain conscious to do the same.