Just when you don’t check something out…it rises up to bite you.  Thankfully someone did and let me know the website I put up for you last night is a fake.


I apologize for not looking before putting it up.

Meanwhile..I am fresh off the treadmill, still sweating..er…dewing… and  I have finished doing the workout with weights.  You know, there is nothing quite like trying to do triceps "throw backs" and a cat is sitting on her little steps as high up and thereby closer to you as she can get, and calling constantly asking to be petted.  You let go of the edge of desk you were holding with one arm for balance (I bend somewhat while doing this)  and while doing the throw- backs, you pet the cat.  SIGH.

I went to WW meeting where it was declared that I had gained 4 pounds in a week.  But I didn’t.  (that would have been eating that only a dedicated eating machine could accomplish)  I knew it was going to be bad when I could barely fit on my rings before I left for the meeting.  It was bad and of course it wasn’t discouraging to me as I knew today it would all be gone and it is.  If I had not gone I would still have to pay regardless.  That is the policy.  You join and you show up.  If you don’t show up you still pay.  You know that up front so it’s part of the decision making process before you join.  If you’re going to pay anyway..you may as well go.

I have to get started for the day..I am still trying to quit sweating.  No use trying to get ready for the day when all that is going on. Certainly you won’t do well applying make up.

It is another close to record breaking heat day. The past 4 have been like that as well.  heart breakingly beautiful and the temperature and humidity has been just stuff of home made poems. 

Quick shower and a fluff of hair..I will be out of here for awhile.  I wish you could come with.