Just that every once in a while, everything lines up to where it all comes together for a woman when she goes shopping.

Penney’s has a big sale going on right now plus a discount of 10.00 off sale prices.  I took the card going to look for whatever jumped out at me.  Kidding. I wanted a pair of earrings.  Never got any as I wandered over into the ladies clothes and found THE black top of all black tops except that one I blogged about that has brought me many a note pressed into my hand when I wear it.  That black top that is several years old now, is a modestly cut ballet necked fitted top and I still love it.

 THIS one is black (looks so good with my hair) is also modestly cut with a similar ballet neck.  It has 3/4 sleeves and this time, a banded bottom.  The fabric is a draped slinky knit.  I didn’t try it on there.  I tried it on at home and I want you to know it is a knockout!  It can be worn with a skirt but I will wear it with my slacks and jeans.  All my jeans etc are slim in the legs ..so this top looks like a gazillion dollars on with those type of jeans.  Ooo la laaa!  If I had known how perfect it was going to look I would have bought two while I was there.  I will likely go back but while it is on sale..I won’t have that additional $10.00 off.  Added to the top..my hair which is freshly shampooed turned out better than I could have hoped for. 

I nuked an apple a few minutes ago.  Not bad.  Next time I will remember to add Splenda..not a tsp. of the real thing. 

Mother’s cactus made 4 salad plate sized star shaped blooms that I blogged about a week or so ago.  The stench in this room from the carrion/rotted small of those beautiful flowers is overwhelming.  I took the thing back outside 2 days ago.  It has to come back in, and is, because the temps will be 39 tonight.  I can’t leave it out there.  The smell is horrible.  If only I could get rid of it but it’s mothers and a blooming one is not common.

Well, I have done my girly thing and had to tell of my sale purchase and how this time, I hit the jackpot.

I have been around to many of you..will be traveling some more here shortly.