I just came back from enjoying Danny Hutchins and his group downtown.  He is the Music Director for the Charlie Pride Show.  He plays strings and keyboard with Pride.  And he’s a member of The Grand Ole Opry as well as the Country Music Hall of Fame.  So you can imagine how much we all of enjoyed that free outdoors concert.  It is Farmer’s Market Saturday today and he and his group were featured or rather to day, starred..and they were just wonderful.  He sings great and his playing is fantastic.  What a pleasure to be there. 
I wish I could figure how in the world he (seated at the keyboard) and the bass player and drummer could stand sitting/standing there in 50 degree conditions with the wind whipping about 25 mph.  I wore a fleece jacket.  Thank goodness it had a hood because I was cold!  Everyone was dressed warmly that attended but the guys.  I finally had to put the hood up on my jacket as my hair, which is decently long, was flying sideways and interfering with my seeing in the viewfinder and just plain watching the show.  Just a bushel of hair laid out as straight as the wind could make it.   If I wind up catching cold..he made it almost worth while.
It’s colder’n wiz in here this morning.  I had to turn the heat back on after a week or so without and the too hot days we have had.  I’m wearing a thick long sleeved sweater and doing alright.  The cat is a little cool as she is curled into a tight ball of warm furry.  It’s 68 in here.  I need to get used to it as the price of natural gas (how I heat the house) while always always high has rocketed up even higher.  It has been quite a while, years, since I have been really warm in the winter or really cool in the summer.  I have the funds..just it goes against the grain to hand over so much  money a month. If I can stand being always uncomfortable then I save a few bucks. 
Just checking in with you…hope you all have a wonderful weekend where you are.