This was the swiftest seeming passing day I have experienced for awhile.  It is late afternoon or early evening however one wants to call it, and the sun will be gone.  Did I not just get up?  It was a busy day, hence it passed quickly of course.

One thing I did which has nothing to do with the passage of time, was hang some clothes out to dry.  The bed pillow as well, of course.  I have done the paeans of praise over fresh air in the pillows so I will spare you another accolade.  But oh, my shirts’ fresh air fragrance will require that I not apply my diva perfume when I am wearing them.  They are all the fragrance I need.

If I can get it to "take" I will post a picture of an unusual but very welcome birthday present I got last month from a good friend.  I had mentioned that one of the things I had gotten was a rock.  Sorry to say that at this moment I don’t recall its scientific name.  I will go find it shortly.  But one submerges the rock into a glass dish filled with white vinegar.  As the vinegar evaporates, white growth forms on the black stone.  There is no sameness at all.  Each rock will always form its own pattern.  Mine formed a snowy white puff that looks in shape like a dandelion.  And a big one too.  As the vinegar disappeared completely, smaller white out growth appeared on the rest of the rock’s sides.  The biggest growth is atop the rock.  It was very soft.  Now that I have removed it from the ruined glass dish, I put it in the cabinet to dry.  The growth is hard as the rest of the rock and still looks like a white dandelion.  Fascinating.

My diet took a hit yesterday.  I was doing well all day and got a surprise invitation to supper last night.  I did the best I could but..I was way over my points.  Sigh.  But the company and fun was worth it.  (I will tell myself that Tuesday when I get on the scale.)  (it was)

It will be in the high 30’s tonight.  Mother’s cactus is still in here, I could not take it back outside due to the cold, and the blooms are still hardy but not reeking quite as badly.  Actually, I took a moment to sit and try to see if I can smell it and it IS as bad as it was.  What was I thinking when I said it was not as pungent?

Miss Catt sends her very best and is presently looking to see her standings in the pre-election polls. 

Tomorrow I am headed out into the cold morning early with the camera..who required new rechargeable batteries today.  After several years of hard use, they gave up the ghost.  I will head up, and I do mean up, the street..sweating like a boxer who has been in the ring for 10 I make my way up the hills.  It has been since late Spring so I need to get used to it again.  My reward last year was coming in here after the time out side, and after hosing down my sweaty face, the reward was telling you guys in the blog family alll about it and subjecting you to my pictures newly taken.  You are truly my reward.  No joke.  I’m like any kid and can’t hardly wait to show and tell what I did and found.