I did as I said..I headed on off up the street early this morning, up hill, down dale.  Today I walked up hill but I jogged down dale.  I took the camera and there did not seem to be much evidence as yet that Fall had arrived.  Everything is still predominately green.

As I kept going I saw something a little different…someone was doing the ecological thing and offering the last of their pears to passers-by.  They even included bags.  Of course I took some.

The Magnolia trees are getting their "beds" ready for Fall and Winter and have their Winter dress on.  Soon these seed pods will fall to the ground.  Then I will be assured of new pure white faultless Magnolia blossoms to show you next Spring when I am headed up that way.


If I knew how to move these pictures, I would!!!  Anyone?  I dislike having them all lined up in a row.  I AM using Live Writer for once. 

I saw a lot of old plant and animal friends that I introduced you to last Fall and Winter along the way, and I got four miles in before I called it quits for now. The sun was blazing down on my the last of my journey and man, I did some fancy sweatin’ what with the navy blue fleece jacket and a long sleeved fleece shirt on underneath.  Made some new friends though…human ones.  Most are used to me now after years of seeing me toiling up the hill and greet me now.  I got challenged last Winter when I stopped to photograph plants.  I would go through my pictures for them allowing them to see what I was doing and I guess they decided I wasn’t an international spy after all and now they don’t care that I stand there taking pictures.

I will make this mercifully short as I want to go to meet a friend and see a museum.  I will leave you with these October roses as my gif (pun intended) to you.

See you soon..I have been to see a few of you before I headed out.  I am on my way again.