I am shelving Live Writer till I can figure out how to make the font larger.  I know you can..others do but I can’t seem to find where that control is for right now. 

That rock I showed you a few days ago is a Dolomite.  The white that formed when it was submerged in white vinegar for three weeks are beautiful white Argonite crystals.  They hardened after a week or so of removing the stone from its glass dish where I grew the crystals.

I went to WW this morning and all 4 pounds are gone of course as it was water weight.  But that is all that is gone despite my efforts.  I’m going to just soldier on.

I have some discomfort in my shins today which is no surprise considering I took off like a big bird yesterday and really over did it on the hills.However, I will stretch the shin area today and back to the grind tomorrow.  I’ll go ahead and give them a rest today though.

I was horrified that Cloris made it with a decent score again.  Yes, she put some effort into it, but still, there is not a single person I would like to see gone so that she could stay tonight.  Warren is just my sweetheart and I love those eyes of his.  He does a great job too.  However, I want Derek and Brooke to win.  I love Cody and Kim but Derek puts 110% into every competition  so far and has not won the mirror ball yet.  I think it is about time and both of them, Derek and Brooke have earned it in my opinion.  I wish it could go to 2 couples because I absolutely love Cody and Kim too.  Cody isn’t as  consistently good as Brooke, but he is so close. 

To me, those two couples are it.  With Warren a close second.  And by the way, except for the jitterbug, the new dances provided me no entertainment at all.  That was the dullest hour and a half I have viewed so far.  I hope they stop that but I’m afraid they won’t. 

Remember when I got mad two seasons ago and refused to watch when for some reason Sabrina, the absolute best female competitor (Cheetah Girls) was voted off after 5 weeks or so?  If Cloris causes one of the others to be voted off, I quit for this season. Naturally this will mean zip to anyone but it will make ME feel better. 

OK.  I am headed in to sort out more slides..send some to the ex and take the rest to be put on a DVD.  Still waiting on the 2 movies.  They will come back in about 2 weeks.  But first, lift some weights.  Better watch your toes.  Mine will be fine.