Holy Moley!  Thanks to a bunch of you (who must be tired to death of my tiny tiny fonts) I am back in operation with  Live Writer this time and a larger font.  Thank you SO much each and every one who helped me. CindyUpNorth,  who always and ever is a friend in deed when it comes to Spaces or anything else.  Just like my birthday same-dayer sister in Illinois, Beth Marie, DellGirl in Texas,  my Canadian sweet friend Beth,  my new friend Dusty Dog,  and  my Michigan sister girl, Patty.  This is what I mean by family.  We all work together to help.  And I appreciate it so much.

I knew I would hurt a little when I headed back up yon hills this morning but I went anyway.  heavier jacket this time and a hat.  Camera in hand just in case. 

On my way up, I saw a rose that reminds me of how I feel starting out and how I feel coming back dragging my anchor behind me.

 This is definitely me when I am almost home.  Faded but still glorious.  Flagging but stayin’ alive.

 I found these guys on the way up to cheer me on.  I must have looked like I needed it..gasping and groaning (hopefully I exaggerate).

Now, I watched DWTS, The Results and can you believe it?  She’s still THERE!!!  You know who I mean.  I don’t mind who got kicked off so I won’t protest by refusing to watch any more.  Who else has noticed that Cody, especially when he has his hair combed down looks a lot like Prince William?  He does!  I kept thinking how cute he was and thought many times that he looked familiar…what with me not having ever seen him before.  Last week it dawned on me that he favor’s Prince William (Princess Diana’s son). I still want Derek and Brooke to win.  They are consistently the best. 

I had one friend stop me when I got almost home.  This is Greta.  She asked that I stay and love on her for a bit so I did while I got to meet a new-to-me neighbor.  Greta says "Hey!"

So you know, I tried to move this and the others to the middle and I just can’t get there from here but I tried.  I also tried resizing Greta’s photo but it took the entire rest of the page though I clicked on "medium".  It’s Operator Error..me.  I’ll get there.  At least I have the font adjusted.

Oh, my shins.