I am not headed up the hills and back down today.  I’m giving my shins a break. I walk too fast.  Seriously.  I always do and that includes up hills.  Shins never had a chance.

Mother’s cactus has finished with its blooms thank goodness!  They stayed, stank up half the house and finally shriveled and fell off.  Oh I am so grateful!!!  Next October they will be back again.

I was out looking for another blower.  Silly me.  All the Christmas stuff is in the garden section now.  October, and they are playing Christmas music over the speakers.  I know why but that doesn’t make it any better.  I was also looking for something for a blister I formed on top of my second toe.  No idea why, as I am wearing the same sock type and the same shoes as always.  But something rubbed and I have a pretty good blister going on top of my toe.  I was seeking something to help out and all I could find was mole skin.  That’s not convenient as you can’t put it over the blister.  You have to form some sort of circle with a hold in the middle so that the blister remains uncovered.  Totally a pain in the neck.

Look what Toodie sent me.  She was talking about folding sheets and I was thinking how I never ever learned how to fold fitted bottom sheets.   My mother folded them so that they looked straight out of the package.  I didn’t get to see her too often, so her one lesson did not stick.  I always have this awful lumpy bulky mess to jam into the linen closet.  Toodie sent me this to help me out!!!


Now if there is a cat owner (or  cat servant rather who is owned by a cat) out there who does not have this asset and help shown here, raise your hand!  Enjoy.

I may have the first cold or at least the beginnings of one, that I have had in years.  Maybe.  Earlier today I was sitting reading, minding my own business when I erupted into gales of sneezes.  15 or 20.  Oceans of tears squeezed out during all that and a severe case of hiccups to round out the experience..  I have done the multiple sneeze deal when it was allergies.  But that did not seem the case today.  A few minutes ago, I just went through the same thing all over again minus the hiccups.  Oh well.  It is what it is.

It must have been too cool in the house last night.  Somewhere near day break, there was someone curled up, back towards me and into my midriff.  I put my hand over her side and she laid her head on my hand so we got 40 more winks. 

The oldest will be here tomorrow night.  I am making (for the first time in years) my home made sloppy joes.  I would have made them sooner but I forgot all about them.  These are from scratch.  All my boys like those.  Ooops. I need to double check chili powder. 

Yum.  Oh and I bought my first horrible expensive I might add, pomegranet.  It came with paper instrructions on how to open and eat.  What a pain..  Better be good.

If you want to catch me with all my diva hair up in huge rollers, you’d better hurry.  Show ends soon.  No matinee.