The report in the papers and on TV last week was that /O/P/E/C/  cartel is cutting production of oil.  They
said they are doing that because of the extreme (!!) falling of the
price for a barrel of oil.  Thing is, when you do that, surely O*P*E*C knows that when the price rises for a barrel of oil, and the
pump price goes up..voila!  people all over the world cut back again
on driving..which brings in less money to everyone up the chain all the
way to O*P*E*C.  They are due to know this, so why they are rattling the
saber about cutting production is a mystery to me.  Of course I am not an economist and it has been awhile since I took Economics 1, 2 and 3.  (I loved the course and it was a must-have as I had a business major) but it seems that 1 and 1 still equal 2.  Nowadays, I could be wrong. 

Those folks on Wall Street who caused this should be punished in the court system.  The effect is world wide.  Not just among themselves as they have no discernible consequences at all.  Yet they still vacation, whoop it up and generally go on as though they have not affected billions of people in the entire world with their greed.  Of course, while not being a lawyer either, never mind an economist this morning while sipping my coffee and listening the the cat protest at me not playing with her, I admit to not knowing what they could all be charged with..the hench persons, the top greed mongers.  Everyone is paying the price but them.

I took a few days off as I had run out of topic some time ago.  However from the look of this day’s blog perhaps I might as well have taken another day off.  I seem to be on a rant.  Miss C. gave up and she is up here next to the computer lying on the mouse (this is a laptop but I detest using a touch pad) so I am forced to use the touch pad OR get off and go get the feather wand..the string, or do what my oldest was doing Friday night while he was here.  It was funny!

She, Miss Catt was lying on the floor Friday evening, right up against that circle thing she has with a white ball in it that goes around in circles when she moves it, and can’t come out of the track.  I call it her donut.  She was lying there swiping at the ball, watching it go around and around.  When it stopped she started it going again.

Oldest hit the floor on the other side of the "donut" and when it stopped on his side, he would start it rolling again toward her.  When it stopped on her side, she sent it on its way to him. They (more significantly.. she) kept this up a good ten minutes.  I was amazed that she kept her attention focused that long.  I don’t know who had more fun, her or me.  I enjoyed watching a give and take that I didn’t necessarily think could happen.  He got a reward for his patience and effort.  The next day before he left, he was down there again just talking and she came up (first time for him) and placed her front paw, her "hand" on his cheek.  That’s what she does to me when she is showing love.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I did.  Beautiful weather too and yesterday the sky was cloudless.  I haven’t seen a completely coundless sky since I can’t remember when.  So it was remarkable to me (meaning worthy of mentioning in this case).