There it was, snowing to beat the band and it only 39 degrees out theere.  That was at 0600.  Then, at 0745, I looked out and the sun was brightly shining..the sky was beautiful with morning clouds and blue sky and it was snowing again.  VERY pretty.  Temperature still up there.  Just super cooled air above I am guessing along with the moisture made some cool flurries!

I headed off to Weight Watchers this morning.  I was going to use the one pass they give you for your entire forever-whatever membership of attending without being weighed.  Then I thought, nah, face the music.  It seemed that so far after all these weeks what I have accomplished is to loose a few pounds and not gain any.  That is a positive.  I also stepped up my activity level directly because of joining.  So that’s 2 positives regardless of my puny losses.  I bellied up to the scale and voila!  3.8 pounds gone.  That was real.  So all the concern I had (because my fingers were a little puffy again) thinking I had water weight was for naught.

There is nothing wrong with me and these two puffy finger can’t-get-your-rings-on well dealies.  I just have too much popcorn and the salt gets to me.  Note to self:  Quit eating the darned stuff the night before you go to be weighed.

Derek and Brooke were pitiful last night because of her injury.  Can’t blame her there.  Derek (and she) would have gotten his first Mirror Ball trophy but for the injury to Brooke. It’s all over but the shouting. It’s a shame, because she is that good!!!  Julienne..another awful shame that she has to have surgery but Cody will do well with Edyta I feel sure.  Warren is my secret crush but still he is good… just not #1.  Cloris…do I even have to say????  I understand Carrie Anne took some heat for her comment when Cloris finished "For that, we got rid of Toni"? But it’s true.  She’s knocking out people left and right and this is supposed to be a dance competition.  If you want entertainment in the show other than the dancing (not necessary in my opinion) then set it off to one side and not mix it with the competition.

Well, I had luncheon with a gentleman…that was nice.  Good lunch,.  I splurged and had a baked potato, no anything on it and a so-called chicken fried steak.  Another term for breaded hamburger if yu ask me and some gravy stuff on top.  I used the gravy to wet up the potato some.

Wish someone would cook for me.  Anything has to be better than what I have been doing for myself lately.  I cook the good stuff for others.