I just came back from my daily sweating expedition.  That means I was just up the hills and because my shins didn’t like it, I walked down the hills.  No little jogging this time, no sir.

I found a few of Miss Catt’s and Molly’s constituents while out this morning.  Greta, the beauty we met last time, was busy making campaign calls so she was within doors.  These however were out to approach any passers-by that happened along.  At first they didn’t know I was owned by Miss Catt so they were about to hand out campaign literature.  Then as I got closer they realized that I was Miss Catt’s servant under the layers, with the bill of my baseball cap slanted down. They said it made it a little hard to tell.  But all is well…they are especially seeking Independents.  I think that’s good strategy.

I just choked down a little salmon while doing this blog.  I made it two evenings ago.  Usually I scarf it down within 24 hrs.  I made it last this time.  I had some for breakfast!!  And not to be outdone, I had it for lunch too.  That finished it. 

Speaking of campaign calls, if these politicians knew how many of us feel getting the robo-calls..those which have no human at the other end, just a recording..maybe they would stop the bulk of them.  Speaking for myself, I so detest them that I automatically want to not vote for whomever it is that caused the robo-call.  We are helpless against that spam.  What happened to dedicated campaign workers that made these calls themselves?  I know the answer but mass robo-calls are not the answer,  They are just spam.

This time I was glad to see this sight.  Where the white car is, is home. 

I was hot under that jacket…I was hungry, I have to go vote.  Oh and speaking of voting, thank goodness ol’ Cloris is gone at last!!!!!  Oh thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope they don’t do that again.  I may have to strike that show off my favorites.  I also hope they get over the 12 people.  That was too many.  I also think they should cease adding new and more dances in a week.  the stars are not athletes usually although we know sometimes they are..but they certainly aren’t pros, and to make them risk such injuries is not right.  I think they need to stop that.

Well, off to comb my hat-hair..change shirts and to the polls.  Miss Catt/Miss Molly all the way!