I had the most delightful surprise ever last evening (and so funny I was still smiling when I got to bed)!  Beth  wrote me that her cat, an able spokescat indeed in the name of Cotton T. had impressed Beth with the importance of  getting out there and campaigning to catch those swing votes or dedicated "other" Party members who may be tired of the same ol’ same ol’ and see the value added of our ticket…Miss Catt/Miss Molly for Fair and Balanced Representation. Please go look at the excellent representation in Beth’s blog, "Lizzie-Beth" with the link provided above, and see the numerous supporters among the furred, scaled, feathered and eight legged personages not withstanding the burgeoning human support in both Canada and the US.  I think they are poised on the brink of greatness!  Word was that they have been mulling over choices for their Cabinet when elected.  I know Midnight and Simba were mentioned as possibilities for the Cabinet. Security is tight however..we shan’t know until they are elected.

Meanwhile Miss Catt was putting forth Hurculean effort to send me to dreamland.  I have got to realize that eating a pound of red grapes half an hour before bedtime is not condusive to sleeping through the night as I always do.  Intense hydraulic pressure had me up and headed for the little room at 0335.  Miss Catt appeared from her chamber and accompanied me.  She stayed with me and put me back to bed, settling in the curve of my body since I was on my side..and did her best to sing me to sleep.  She gathered my fingers up in her two front paws and held them, and laid her chin atop her paws and my hand.  That was the velvety way to keep me from any more excursions in the deep dark night night time.  A compassionate President, don’t you think?

I won’t be headed up the street this morning.  I am tired as I slept very little last night,  Not just from the red grape caper but apparently, just because.  I hate it when that happens. That’s alright though.  Many other things to do.

I did go to vote yesterday.  I had to wait about 35 minutes but that will be better than November 2.  Looks as though everyone is hurrying to cast their vote for our ticket, Miss Catt/Miss Molly.  One thing that was hilarious…maybe you would have to have been there or maybe you can appreciate it this way..we were all standing in that line.  An older lady who was volunteering for the voting process…a worker for the district, began walking down the line saying in her normal (apparently) low voice "have your voter card—have your voter card." There was a lot of talking going on and that low voice was barely audible.  So no wonder that an older fellow about 10 feet ahead of me said "I didn’t know we needed our Kroger card"!   The entire line erupted in laughter!  Oh I loved it. 

See you out and around spaces.  If you want me I’ll be right here.