If I have accidentally deleted anyone as a contact, tell me please.  I was going through my Hotmail contacts and like another person said in her blog, she inadvertently deleted friends.  They really aren’t clear what they have tied to what in Spaces.  I notice I don’t have as many and I did delete some of what I thought were old out of date and gone contacts and names that I did not know and recognize. I did this a few years ago.  You would think I would have learned. It did not occur to me till too late that they may have been Friends that I do know, but don’t know their Hotmail names.  So, sorry if I did..let me know please.  I have noticed in the past 6 weeks that several deleted me on their Spaces. I never sull up or get mad or hurt.  That’s cool.  Sometimes you just get too many and never go see them so you just delete the ones you never go see.  Seems logical and I hold no hurt feelings at all.  Once she is elected by a landslide, I’ll just get Miss Catt to send the FBI, a.k.a. the Feline Bureau of Investigation to their house to let them know what SHE thinks about the whole issue of deleting her mom. 

I have been invited to a weenie roast tomorrow night.  We’ll be outside and roast ’em over an open fire!!  I will do my best not to over do.  WW you know.  I’m going to see what kind of night pictures my point and shoot will take. 

The Presidential candidate was smack in the middle of the bed all morning long.  She went back to bed right after her breakfast.  It was a first that I couldn’t make the bed at 0730 because it was occupied.  And it stayed occupied till 1230.  She was in a soft heap right smack dab in the middle.  I asked her to remove herself then as she woke and was taking a leisurely bath.  I’d say she was exhausted after stumping for herself and Molly all these days.  Exhausted. 

I’m waiting for a friend to come home from work so I can head up to see them. 

Don’t forget your Kroger cards now.