Not one single child showed up at my door or in the immediate neighborhood.  There are 4 girls next door.  Their parents took them at 6PM to some function I saw.  But with all the porch lights on up and down the street, not ONE single child in the neighborhood.  We don’t have many..a few..but still…not one!  It was sad in a way. 

I have that outdoor indoor weenie roast tonight.  Looking forward to that.  There is also a big town function tonight and of course I will have to bypass going to it.  But that is where I would be were it not for the roast. 

I have been around to many of the blog family.  Looks as though only a few had many children to speak of at the door last night for Halloween.  It seems that perhaps the planned church or civic functions are more in favor than I thought.  Much safer that way so I can understand it.

I am sitting here and I need to be underway for the rest of the day.  I just wanted to look in on you all and see what was doing.  Oh, and the Fall color here in town is there but not much.  I had my camera worn out last year at this time. The foliage was the most beautiful in memory.  This year..barely so- so and the leaves are starting to drop.  What a disappointment.  last year I had posted a lot of photos of the gorgeous trees.  Not one this year and I think I took down the few I did put up.  May as well leave the camera home. 

OK.  See you on the other side.  Have a great weekend.