I took on off up the street with the camera of course and while the scenes will remain the same, there are some color differences hence..a few new shots of those.  In one, I juxtaposed an evergreen with the flame colored maple..who is past her prime. Rather like me.

If I had a better camera, you would be able to see more truer colors.  I really must do something about a new camera.  Having the cloud background ( a sky picture I took last Fall) does not help as you are seeing a faint image of clouds behind the pictures as fade-through. 

It was a shorter walk today as my back hurt so badly.  I hoped when I began that I could "work it out" but this time was not a good time.  I gave up after 2 miles and came home.  I hated to as it was so lovely out there.

  This is me. I have done this twice before and this makes three.  Go figure!

I was emailing a friend yesterday about the fresh air scent that was in my laundry as I took it in.  I said it was God’s free gift to us..the best perfume we could ever hope to scent ourselves with.  I had mentioned that scent is my "signature" and even after a bath and just before bed, I apply a very light one.  I just do.  But not last night.  I was redolent of that best of perfumes..fresh air and sunshine.  You already know my pillow had soaked up hot sun all day long.  It was with great happiness I sank into the soft bed (memory foam…ahhhhh) and the outdoors wafted around me from my jammies to the bedclothes.  Heaven.

This is my back yard of course…and I own to the County line.  The fence was just to keep my kids in and not in the woods. 

Hope you have a sparkling wonderful day. I have been ’round to some of you already.