Miss Catt wishes to thank all the gracious supporters out there who voted frequently for her today.  The following acceptance speech  and notes of thanks are developed and released as a Public service by Cotton Q. Tee.  C.Q. Tee is the Presidential Spokescat Extraordinaire. Thank you Cotton for all your service during this exhausting and trying time.


My Fellow North Americans.  It has been a long and hard fought campaign…with fur flying…but now it is time to come together and do what is best for animals and their people.  Take naps.

Miss Molly and I would like to thank our opponents for a good and well done cat fight with gracious concession speeches.  They deserve a big pat on the head. 

No bone will remain unturned, no can unopened, no acorn left on the ground in way to work together with other parties, animals and people to help all North Americans reach their dreams of service and real change.

And be assured all of you  2, 4, 6 and 8 legged creatures that your contributions will be remembered and honored.

Be aware that as promised, this will be a clean and well cared for regime.  After the transition time which will go smoothly, Miss Molly as my able Vice president will attend the Security issues quickly.  Miss Magpie will be the Under Secretary of Defense, if she accepts the post, and assist Miss Molly in her investigations.

As promised in our campaign, there will be peace the world over as all cat residents everywhere will be occupying laps and inducing sleep in the affected human servants.  Hard to war with others or be obstreperous when you are watching our furry sides rising and falling while we sleep and you are so relaxed. 

And remember…fresh water in clean bowls every day and only the best dry kibbles for all.  The Catministration will be finalized in the next several weeks. and announcements will be made then. Thanks again to all for a hard fought campaign.

Special thank you’s to Lizzie Lizard and Cotton Q. Tee who have ably managed this campaign and contributed written speech material. 

Please stay tuned for the following interview to be announced.