Well, my goodness, I was helping the oldest take things outside to the car this afternoon here at the house and as I stepped out of my kitchen door..something tripped me and I catapulted down the steps and all the way out into the sidewalk to the middle where the other sidewalk met it.  That was the force of the impetus.  It was that forceful as I was trying to keep from being laid out on my front onto the steps and sidewalk and my arms filled up with bags and dishes. So..I stutter stepped sort of, all the way out there coming down hard on my right leg especially to keep from falling face flat out down.  I did not fall down.  I hurt my leg keeping from falling. 

I think it was hyper-extended.  The front ankle and my knee are very painful.  No, no trip to a Dr. on a Saturday.  It’s just painful..not broken.  If it is still this painful I may head there Monday sometime.  It’s been a long long time since I have been in a stumble/trip scenario.  I have promised to pet sit Monday thru Thursday and they have two stories.  So I just called to tell her that I would be there for certain on the appointed days but the pain in my leg would probably keep me from going down stairs.  I’ll leave a note for the other person, the Vet tech who comes in the afternoon to give the two of five their meds..that she may need to tend to things down stairs. 

I bought 9.83 gallons of gasoline for $21.33.  Beats the hound out of what it would have cost and did cost me 2 weeks ago and worse still, a month ago.  My son said it is $1.99 a gallon right over the border into S.C. so he took a couple mile trip to get gasoline instead of Charlotte where it was, I think he said, $2.29.  A difference of States sales taxes at work I think.  I usually fill up over there too before I come home.

Other than that, we’re cool here.  Oldest had a home made taco flavored dish using flour tortillas.  Man, that was good. 

Someone, anyone come on by and ‘do’ my wooden kitchen floor?  I don’t think I feel like "skating" on it with my old heavy towels to buff it this time.  That will half kill me not having a mirror polish on.  It will take a lot longer but I will at least get my bed changed out, vacuuming done and waxing of the wooden furniture.  And cleaning the glass tops.  No windows this time or doors.  😦

OK.  ‘Nuff complaining and no one hasta say "Poor Baby!".  I’ll do that for myself.    Good thing my legs are made of a lot of muscle and that I am strong.  Could have been worse.  WooHoo.