Here is my message a minute ago from McAfee:

McAfee has automatically blocked
and removed a potentially harmful script.

 About this Script

Detected: JS/FakeAlert-AB.dldr

 A script is a small program that
automates certain tasks on your computer. Potentially unwanted scripts can
damage valuable files, disrupt performance, and make unauthorized registry changes
on your computer.


 One of my good friends on Spaces said she had problems today with her Hotmail account and attachments that looked like they came from herself.  She knew that wasn’t true.  So she took immediate action.  I may have the particulars wrong to a degree but she knew something was wrong.  Looks like it wanted to come over and shake hands with my computer but the anti virus got it before it could do anything.  WooHoo. 

Regardless, what happened was a fake alert, just as it say came up and offered to scan my computer for nasty virus’s.  They will have to get better at spelling, as it mis-spelled "crashes" in its unprofessional wording about what would happen if I didn’t allow it to scan my computer.  It proceeded to look as though it was…showing literally scores of horrible nasty virus within a couple of seconds.  Um…all the bad guys out there..I ain’t that dumb.

Nevertheless, McAfee immediately caught it and destroyed it.  I am writing to you guys so you will be on the alert.  If you have an anti virus I suggest you scan now.  And if that stupid pop up shows up looking like a Windows product, it’s not..laugh and scan your computer.