Just a note to say that the pain is lessened.  It’s there and I won’t be climbing stairs or doing much walking..certainly not my fitness routine, but the pain is not as intense as yesterday.  I’ll keep walking to a minimum too.  And Miss Catt is burdened with the heavy work as suggested.  She said "Fine, consider it done".  I had a warm 13 pound fur blanket spread out on my hip-waist-side last night. That was her start of being helpful.

Luckily I didn’t fall flat on my face you may recall from yesterday, so my leg took the burden as I staggered down the stairs and landed hard on my right leg..staying upright.  Too, and I am very strong due to my fitness routines with leg muscles like iron, so damage is at a minimum I feel sure and the worst reminder of all this is pain.

I am truly grateful for wishes and prayers for me.  I know that is truly what got me though the night as well as I did.