McAfee has automatically repaired an infected file.

About this Virus

Detected: W32/Giframer (Virus)

A virus is a self-replicating program that can harm your computer, compromise its security, and damage valuable files.


I removed info as to where it was on my computer.  I didn’t think it was too cool to have my inside computer info out here.   Looks like a virus got me anyway and McAfee fixed it.  Or it was another one.  Look out guys.  I try not to click on these mysterious Friends spaces when there is a request.  If I have never seen them before..they never left a remark..and I see no info when I hover my mouse over their avatar in the request..I deny it and block it.  BUT I did click on one last week that seemed to have info.  Who knows, that may have been the one.  I don’t go for all these wierd Friends requests with strange names and nothing there.  I just say "no" and go on.  As with any mom, I’m good at saying no. (unless you’re a cute guy).

I got up and down the stairs of my friends house alright as my leg has improved, and I got all her pets taken care of.  Always a pleasure to help her. I’ll be repeating that thru Thursday.  Someone else comes in the afternoons.

Seems strange though, going back to the virus’s..that these notices only come up when I am on Spaces so that says to me, rightly or wrongly that it is coming from here somehow.  Jim? Does that sound right? Bill?

Looks like the Sleepless Bug hit some of my Friends last night.  Have a nap no more than 30 minutes and you’re good to go.

Someone is dropping by in less than half an hour.  I had better spruce up. 

I’ve been by some of you..I’ll be visiting some more later.