Well, I liked to have killed myself tripping down the stairs Saturday but I did have the fun of the oldest’s visit.  Then, Miss Catt started feeling sick Friday..she got more so Saturday and scared me some Sunday.  Monday did it.  She exhibited an alarming symptom.  I called the Vet ER and they said it probably wasn’t a case of get her there stat since she wasn’t crying out.  But take her to her Vet first thing today which I did.  Now I know what it was and the poor girl had to have been very very uncomfortable for a long time but hid it under just sleeping.  That diagnosis plus he refuted what several other Vets had said regarding her because he did a complete major blood profile.  She has the stats of a kitten.  BUT she has other problems that are finally being addressed.  Finally.  I am being punished with her leaving me all alone while she sojourns under the beds.  It was hard for her…she was given gas to put her under while they did the worst part and morphine for her pain.  She is not herself still.  he said she would be out of it for awhile.  The fee was large but well worth while.  They are family members too.

I bought a digital photo frame, and decided to try myself to load it up.  Do it all.  Now you and you and you may do this by yourselves all the time but me..it’s always "Darling, will you do this for me"?  But not this time.  I am a dichotomy.  A rootin’ tootin’ shootin’ machine— but I do it in lace, perfume and silk. 

Meanwhile..and you may have known this was coming…DWTS.  I think Derek and Brooke are excellent but so was Cody and Lance.  I wish it could be a 3 way tie.  I am beginning to wonder if this is rigged or something.  Maybe that’s too strong but something isn’t right if Len says he’ll judge Brroke on a pro level just because Carrie Snn said she looked like one.  That doesn’t sound reasonable of Len at all.  Tonight is the results. I hope it’s Maurice going.  And again as teddy bear as he looks, Warren is surprisingly good but not champ.

My leg hurts, my back hurts, my cat is mad at me.  I’m outta here.